Cd player vs soundcard?


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I'm wondering if it would make a significantly improvement if I burn all the MP3 files onto CDR and play them with a CD Player that support MP3? Or do you think I better off relying on the soundcard's DAC to decode them?

For now I have the older SoundBlaster Live 5.1, so far I couldn't hear any interference or anything but I think it could sound better though. I don't know if I should get a new CD-Player with MP3 capability or just get the M-Audio Revolution 5.1/7.1 soundcard that everyone raves about, the M-Audio has a very good spec it's like S/N 107dB and THD 0.002%. My HK 3480 stereo receiver doesn't has any digital input and it doesn't has DAC either, so either way I'll still have to run the analog line to the receiver.

I don't see how burning MP3's to CD and then playing back through a CD player will improve the sound. If anything it will make it worse because you have another process for the signal to go through.
It's the compression of the MP3's that cause the problems. If you want good music, don't compress it. In my opinion you'd be better off spending your money on a decent external DAC and more storage capacity. Much more music for your money.

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I have audigy 2 and marantz 6300 receiver and BW speakers,
sound is shitty when playbacking through comp( analog or digital connection to receiver either...)
I burn all mp3s (i dont like them) to audio CD and it sounds much better.

Played back how? Through PC or dedicated player?
Just curious. If your going through the PC I wonder if the digital signal from the CD is passed straight through to the optical out without being touched by the soundcards DAC.
Yet another of lifes little mysteries!
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