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I am replacing an old receiver, onkyo txsv454 and I had decided on the Panny he100k but then started looking around. I just bought a new dvd player, panny DVD-F87K (in the mail) and thought "if I am going to tear apart my system to replace the dvd player, I might as well upgrade the receiver". If I am going to $100, I should just go ahead and spend $ wife hates my logic.

I use my system 40% TV, 40% movies, 10% music and 10% xbox with movie sound being what I care the most about most. My speakers are all klipsch ref. 3II

I have narrowed it down to these options, and yes I did read and search this forum. That is how I got these.

Denon AVR-684 $218 reconditioned
Denon AVR-1604 $259
I read here that these are the same just different warranties...

Onkyo TX-SR502 $209 reconditioned or $249 new.

Harman Kardon AVR 130-Z $231

Panasonic SA-HE100K $229

I have had good experience w/ Onkyo and my Yamaha. I left Yamaha off the list because I had to trim something off... Overstock. com has a bunch but there model numbers make no sense to me and the Yamaha website sucks. I could not find out which is the older model and which is the higher end model so I got frustrated and removed them all.

As you can tell my budget is under $250.

SO, I would love to hear anybodies and everybody's input on these receivers so I can narrow down the list to just one.....

thank you in advance


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Hands down the new Harman Kardon AVR130!

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Also, consider Pioneer 914k. I think you would be pleased with this low budget receiver and I believe you can pick one up at or for about the same price range you are looking at.

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from another post...good choice too

"Consider upping that a bit to the HK avr-320 for $389.99 at "

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thanks for the input but I can not up my budget...wife.

I was already to go w/ the avr130 but it doen't have a/b speakers. Not a major issue if I keep my old receiver and use it of the outside speakers but I was planning on selling it to help pay for the new one.

I keep ending up at the onkyo cuz i know them so I will probably go w/ it. thanks

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I went back to ecost and the had Denon 884 "open box" "reconditioned" receiver for $208.

I picked it up.

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