Denon 3803 vs onkyo TX-NR801


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Any opions as to which receiver is better for listening to music. I am 90% music 10% HT but I do like the ethernet feature the onk has. Any suggestions as to which speakers would match best with these receivers?

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I like the onk better - their 800 model won the best receiver for under 1k in a Hifi magazine.

Sounds smooth and rich with a hint of upscale sound that is unfatiguing.

It is one of few surround receiver that does music well.

Consider for speakers - they cut out the middleman to offer more quality for the buck.


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These receivers shouldn't even be compared. The Onkyo 801 is designed for Net Tunes use and other functions such as ethernet connections --while the 3803 Denon is a more standard AV receiver.

If you like the ethernet and Net Tunes--streaming radio from computer on your receiver--get the Onkyo.

The Ascends are excellent at their price. Heck, they are excellent at more than their price. Of course, it depends what your budget is for speakers (I presume you want to start with a 5.1 surround speaker system). And it depends on your room size and room acoustics.

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I don't think that's a fair statement about the nr801. The net features were an addition to a very good receiver, the sr800, that had plenty of positive reviews for both HT and music (see below).

I've had my 801 for almost a month, and haven't even touched the Net Tunes yet. I've been busy enjoying music and movies. And this is with old DBX bookshelves, pioneer surrounds and a new HSU STF-2 (still waiting on my custom Axioms).

Both music and movies sound great to me, but I'll admit I'm not an audiophile. If you have a super-critical music ear, you may feel different, but I suggest you read these reviews and go listen to an Onkyo at CC.
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