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im upgrading my 5.1 to 6.1. my reciever supports it, i just never got the rear speaker. but i have a question.

currently, my center has 2 drivers and a tweeter. my surrounds have the same driver but only 1, and the same tweeter. is the rear center more important like the front center where i should get the one with 2 drivers, or should i get another one of the surrounds with 1 driver?


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If you are putting the rear speaker less than about 5 feet behind you, it is a good idea to have a speaker like you center that has wave guides and can spread out sound a little. If you're putting them farther back, get two speakers like your surrounds, set them about 3-6 feet apart, depending on how you think it sounds, and wire them both to your rear speaker output on the amp. If you're putting the speaker(s) between 4-6 feet behind you, I would suggest first wiring your center speaker back there and listening to a movie or music. You won't hear the dialog, but you'll have a fair idea of how the sound will reach your listening position. Then wire your surround speakers to the rear channel and do the same test with two speakers. This will give you a good idea of what kind of rear speaker(s) to buy. I hope that's helpful

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Try what Tyler said, except turn your center off in the receivers menu, and wire it to the surround back channel. That was you will still hear dialog and you can get an idea of what you will be getting.

Also, if you do get a new rear center speaker, make sure you wear it in before listening to the 6/7.1!! They will sound WAAAAY off balance.


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thanks, 2 questions though

first, Taylor, unfortanatly my room is square, but the only way i could set it up is to have the tv/stereo in one corner, and me in the opposite corner. the speakers are going behind about a foot, but about 5' higher up than me. for this i guess a rear center would work the best, since its going exactly in the top corner of the room.

but if i was to get 2 rear surrounds, if i was to wire them to the reciever, wouldn't that completly mess up the ohms? 2 8 ohm speakers plugged into the same spot would make it 4, right? or am i thinking of it wrong?

and gdawg, im not sure what you mean by wearing it in, because its new and the others arn't? or do you mean adjusting the levels?


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I think I missunderstood your first post. Most 6.1 receivers have two surround back channels, and if you want one, you wire the speaker to one negative post and one positive post. I'm not sure if that's true on yours or not. In any case, I sympathize with your corner plight. I too, am hearing surround sound from a corner, and I can't do anything about it either. Because of that, I don't use a back channel, for the very reason you described; it would be a foot behind me or 4 feet over my head. You should do what sounds good to you, and you should definately put your center speaker behind you for a while to see if you like it, and whether it works or not. I can't wait to move out of this apartment. ;)
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