How do you connect second CD player?


N Max
I have two Sony 300 disk changers, and a Denon 3802. The CD players can be chained together to utilize a single output to the receiver, but you have to use the RCA analog outputs. They also have Toslink digital outputs, which sound better since that makes use of the newer DAC within the receiver itself.

Two questions: 1) The receiver has multiple digital inputs which are not specifcally labelled, but the input selector knob has only one CD option. So do people just put up with selecting DAT or MD to actually play the second CD? Is there not a way on the receiver to change DAT or some other input to "CD2"? 2) is there any way to combine the two digital outputs from the changers to a single digital input to the receiver, so I don't have to change the input source selector on the reciever when 'mixing" from one CD changer to the next?

Thanks in advance.

I don't agree that "newer" DACs necessarily sound better, since they are often connected to inferior analog circuitry downstream. The Burr Brown 20 bit DACs in my H/K FL8550 sound much better than the 24 bit DACs in my H/K AVR520 when connected through my Citation 7.0 analog inputs. On the other hand, I had a Sony 300 disc changer once and did not like the sound of its DACs, so in your case you may be right. BTW, I have a second FL8550 connected to my Citation, but it does not label the inputs, so no biggie for me - one is input 1, the other is input 3.


I meant to add that using an external DAC always raises the problem of jitter in the bitstream, a problem avoided using the CD player's internal DACs. But again the Sony DACs in those big changers are so bad that almost anything is an improvement.

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