Impressive result with FFRC cable!!!


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well, i used to have some DIY CAT5 cable that my fren gave me, at first i was thinking that this cable is just normal and thinking of upgrading, well, two days before i went to a shop and loan a pair of QED Anniverssary cable (biwire) for testing, while the QED was consistently better than the DIY CAT5 cable, i rang up and told my fren the CAT5 cable is just not as good as he said, then a moment he came and brought his new DIY CAT5 cable, this new cable is using better material and terminated properly with 24k gold banana plugs, once it plugged in the int. amp that i left over, the result is immediate, both of me and my fren able to notice the difference and the quality of the FFRC is better than a not-cheap silver anniverssary...and my fren promised to make me a pair of proper FFRC cable and now i am waiting for that...of course i returned the QED cable to the point of paying extra to get something not as good as the FFRC

i just want to share this with u guys here, anyone here also using the FFRC.?.

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you are using cat5 for speaker wire??? How is that done? Why?

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Where abouts could someone purchase some FFRC cables? are they an internet based site??

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Registered: 12-2003 has almost anything you want. Check it out.
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