Verdict on Celestion SL6?


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I'm very tempted to buy a pair of used Celestion SL6. It's still about 80% compared to brand new with only a bit dirty tweeter. Its PVC woofer is still in good condition. Despite it's age this pair sounds very warm and inviting to me. Appreciate it if you could share your review or info about this model. It's sold at $230/pair.

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Thanks, James. Very useful review.

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I have had a pair of SL6's for many years. I use them in my second system. I believe they were a Recommended Component with Stereophile. Probably Class 'C'.

Not that it matters so much with mini monitors, but I believe the small B&W's are more real. Of course they probably produce THE superior box speakers in every catagory.

If 'true to the original' is your goal though, I suggest getting into diple designs asap (planer, ELS, or even better open baffle)

I'm still listening to SL6si in combination with Meridian amp and CD-player for approx 6-7 years now. Although I moved to a new house with a bigger livingroom (60 m2)it's still a joy to listen to these speakers. Especially if your livingroom is quite "harsh" (as is mine with concrete walls and floortiles) this speaker is very fine to listen to. I also use a REL sub, although the outputlevel is set low, because it's just used to enhance the overall ambiance. These together create a very nice soundstage for both pop and classical music (although I don't think heavy metal will sound good, but that's not the type of music I listen to)
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