Marantz 4400, Denon 1804, NAD 760 or Yamaha 640


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Hi anyone can give me any opinion on these?
I am on tight budget setup for HT Systems under $700.
After reading alot reviews made me more confuse.
In one shop a seller offer me these receiver to choose Marantz 4400, Denon 1804, NAD 760 or Yamaha 640. I will use my systems more for music.
Anyone have any suggestion on this.
And what is the good speaker systems to match selected receiver for this budget range?
Thank you so much.


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The Yamaha is great for movies... only!

The Denon is a great all-rounder, Marantz is a great musical all-rounder. The Nad must be between these two.

I would go for the Marantz!!!

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I would also agree with Falp. Being the Yamaha fan that i am, I would also go with the Marantz SR-4400. It is a better bang for your buck!!!

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I would go for the T760! Great Amplification

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Don't go for Marantz if you're from Singapore. You won't know where it is made as all the "made in... " has been markered over. Further more it's 96/24 bit unlike the us and brit and japs has the 192/32 bit DAC. Aftersales service in Singapore is non existance. Also sales people tell me that every 20 sets that were sold at least 3 got send back. Go see the other post about marantz and you will see alot of copmplains.

I rather you go for 4300, it's obviously a better deal, better audio parts with gold this and that. Great reviews big time unlike 4400 that got lousy ratings.

Also in terms of music there's no equaliser, for 4400. The yammi had equaliser. trust me it comes in handy.

I had the 4400, the sound is good, but really lacks punch. It's like techno base on a pillow.

i personally feel that 4400 is a lousy release. Compare it to 4300 and you'll realise 4300 has so much more.

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You can get a Marantz 7300 for 599.00 at most dealers now which blows away anything else mentioned here. (Discounted because of the new 7400)
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