Problem with Marantz SR6200


I just bought a Marantz SR6200. I am very happy with it except for one problem which my dealer said is a setup problem.
I have a pair of Definitive Technology BP2006TL speakers and these speakers worked very well with an old Pioneer Pro-Logic Receiver. They also work very well with the SR6200 except when I turn up the volume on the SR6200 to 0db (admittedly quite loud). Then when there is a spike in the sound level of the source, the SR6200 switches into standby mode (essentially turns itself off). Can anyone help me with this problem?

I received the following helpful reply from Def Tech (if only Marantz were as helpful):


It sounds like your Marantz receiver "ran out current" or clean power so it went into a protection mode. If it didn't go into its protection mode, there is a good chance it would have been damaged.

The amount of current or power that's being delivered by a receiver is determined by several factors. The volume of your system, the amount of bass in the program material (or boosted by the bass control), as well as the impedance of your loudspeakers are all factors in how much current or power is demanded from your receiver. With this in mind, all receivers or amplifiers have a limit of how much power they can deliver to your speakers or how loud they'll play before they trigger their protection circuit. The million dollar question becomes....Does your receiver or amplifier have enough current output to produce the volume that you normally listen to?

Maybe, I can explain a bit about the impedance of a loudspeaker. The lower the impedance of a loudspeaker, the more current will be drawn from an
amplifier. Since our loudspeaker have an average impedance of 4 - 6 ohms
(which is harder to drive than an 8 ohm speaker), we have found that amplifiers or receivers that use a "high current" design in the power amp section work well with Definitive loudspeakers and generally sound better.

Unfortunately, electronics manufacturers do not publish the current capabilities of their products. The best way to determine whether a given model is "high current" or not is to look at the wattage specs. High current models have much higher wattage ratings into 4 ohms than into 8 ohms. If there is also a wattage rating for 2 ohms which is higher than for 4 or 8 ohms, so much the better.

The following brands are by no means the only high current amplifiers or receivers on the market, but they generally work well with Definitive loudspeakers. Models from Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, B&K, Adcom, NAD, and Rotel should provide a good starting point.

If you need any other information, please email me at or call me at 410-363-7148.

Thanks Again,
Chet Pelkowski
Definitive Technology

I have three things to say to the guy who turns the volume of his av receiver to 0 db:

- Who in the world turns the knob to O db? One must be crazy to do this. As you know, the golden rule in this is is to turn the knob of the amplifier to the maximum of 5 minutes to 12;
- It is a wonder that the Marantz is still alive; this is good promotion for the SR 6200
- Your revceiver is too 'light' for your speakers. So either you buy other speakers, or you buy a more powerful amplifier.
Sometimes life can be easy.

In Respose to Anonymous 11/21/2002

I am sympathetic to your view and would have responded in a like manner given my first message. However, let me add some additional info.

Prior to connecting the Marantz SR6200 to the DefTech speakers, I connected the DefTechs to my old Pioneer VSX-511S (save the subwoofer which has an intermal amp). The Pioneer drove the DefTechs effortlessly (I could not turn the volume past half way without causing "pain".).

What confuses me is that the Pioneer specs say that it outputs 65W of continuous power into the front and center speakers and 20W into the rear speakers at 8 Ohms in surround mode. In contrast, the Marantz outputs 110W of continuous power into all five speakers at 8 Ohms. Meanwhile the Pioneer is ear-splitting at with "half volume" and the Marantz goes into standby before getting to that sound level.

Maybe the low impedance of the DefTechs is the problem? However, rumour has it that the Marantz is an "excellent performer" at low impedance but Marantz doesn't publish this spec.

Any ideas?

My Marantz SR6200 seems to have a related problem:

CD input - max painfree volume -30db
- typical listening volume (tlv) -40db
DVD input max painfree volume -15db, tlv -25db
Satelite input max painfree volume +10db, -5db

As you can see I need vastly differing volume levels depending upon the source. Bizarre!!!!!

Please tell me more .How to reset power of my receiver.I try to turn it on but it turn itself rightoff .Marantz SR6200

I also am running into this problem as well
My Marantz SR6200 seems to have the same problem:

Except mine only happens on the DVD input when volume at -6db.

I am running paradighm speakers.


My 2 cents worth:

I use a 6200 a/v with PSB Image 4T's for the left and right front speakers, Alpha C for the centre channel and a pair of B&W DM 110i's (old eh?)for the surround speakers also a PSB Image Subsonic 6 sub ( very low on the powered volume. I set my volume to +10 and set the mode to 6-channel surround. Very loud and very clear.

I also set the mode to stereo and pumped the buggars as loud as they could go using Fleetwood Mac-Rumours album...again very clear and very loud.

I'm am NOT bragging; just FYI

With respect,

FYI: I am the person who kicked off this thread. I had hoped that it would develop a bit more than it did. However, I did find one associated with this problem that has addressed it more deeply:

All this is good and all but... the main question how the hell do I get rid of the protect warning so I can play my amp. I can barely play my marantz sr7300 at all now. The volume of sound I get out of it now is the kind of sound you would expect to get out of some headphones that came free with a 12.99 walkman!
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