When setting your eq.....


"yup, your a -smile face- guy."
thats what my boss called me after he asked me to set the graphic eq's in a monitor rack. this was when i was working for Intelecon, (show services,dallas,tx). i worked in the audio dept., we set up every p.a. system before and after it shipped to the show site, i didn't go "tech" very many shows, i didn't have time because of part time job at car toys. anyways what we did covered every corner of any show, from 40' by 60' video screens with 30,000 watt p.a. systems, full booths at trade shows from ground up, all the way down to little corporate gigs that might include only a couple 46" plasma w/a couple speakers on sticks. (we also did real 3d animation, for demo commercials to huge concerts, example, Kiss' "cycho circus tour" and coka-cola. remember those old "view-masters", the reason they look 3d is because there is one picture for each eye to see, each had been taken at the same time but with two different cameras, 4 inches apart, like our eyes, so when you look through the view-master the left eye sees the left picture and vice versa, thus giving our brain the information to create depth perception, so you can imagine what can be done with two video cameras!imax uses this technology now days, we did however help pioneer it)
so back to the audio dept., where myself, jason, and scary jerry worked, actually we worked and jerry pretended to work while actually writing music for his band undeniable-later to be called hellified. so jason, a well respected member of the music community, asked me to set these eq's right, so i did, and he says, "yup, i knew you were a smile face guy". he explained to me how this is a bad way to set eq's.
an eq should only be used to "cut" frequency's out of the mix. boosting a frequency will bring that freq. up but it will also add that dreaded harmonic distortion. so, take out the freqs. that mud up or over bear the others until you have your desired mix,(usually "flat" being the best is relative to the original mix in the studio and your components and environment ambience)
so, cut it, don't boost it! later
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