Plz help, big trouble on noise


I just bought a alpine 3321 eq, which is really good for strengthen my system. However there is a a problem. When i start the car, there a noise and when i step on the gas, the noise get bigger. Some of my friends said that it is because my wiring wrong, but i tried to rewire couple of times and no effect. So plz help me make the noise stop.

dereck i know your post is old,but take a ground wire hook it to the chasis of the radio&the chasis of the EQ,{ground the two chasis together}then take another ground wire from the EQ chasis & ground it out to the carbody-frame only. you are now the proud owner of a ground loop iso. the noise will disapear right before your very own ears. Funny how things work. sounds pretty dumb dont it? But it works!!
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