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does anyone run them? in my town there is a fusion fad i personally think that the fusion NV15 is a great sub. The company is still pretty young so they have no respect. I like the fact that their amps come with wiring kits. any comments or anyone who runs fusion?

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pretty decent stuff from what i have seen, never used them though

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Wouldn't mind having the NV amps and subs at all.

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i never seen r heard of anybody having fusion around my way. but i think Zac Davis could tell you he sells them...if u look in the pics u see Fusion equipment in the background.

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the NV series gets pretty loud and sounds good doing it..

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I had a component set from Fusion and it actually sounded pretty good for the money but it just didn't get that loud.

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the only thing i would buy is NV series subs, any of their amps.. any of there other stuff is really for budget systems. They build quality is pretty good.

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i remember that thread now zac lol, thatnks for posting that. I personally will not buy the fusions unless i was going to match the colors with something else but i think they need to be brought up more. they make some pretty god products
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