Somewhat new to car audio


how much does a crossover normaly run in price?

You can buy a basic Audio Control for $100.Model 2xs.
There clean with good gain.

john m
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I'm running a minimal system (pionner head, JL component fronts, JL rears, JL 8' subs in a sealed box, all run off an eclipse 5 channel).

My question is where to start in tweaking the system. The pionner has preset EQ settings, do it yourself custom settings, parabolic EQ settings, hi/lo crossover frequency settings, sub level, etc. The amp has typical gain control.

Every cd I listen to is recorded differently so different settings sound better/worse depending on the disc.

Can anyone recommend step by step tweaking starting from "flat" settings?

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best way to set a clat C-weighted curve is with an RTA, a lot of free time, and pink noise.

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I'm new to this, to date myself when I was growing up the hardest thing we did was put in 8 track tape players. My son has bought 2 amps and a crossover,does the radio go to the crossover and then the amps or the amps first?
Also is there a way a regular person can check top see if both channels from the amp is working? We can only get 1 speaker to work out of 1 of the amps.
I apologize for being so wordy but this dad needs some help.

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Your pleonasm was understandable, and kept to a minimum. No worries.

You can check electrical signal paths using a digital multimeter, or VOM.

as for how to connect everything, tell me what he has, make and models. that'll be easier.
if the EQ is line-level (unamplified) then you want radio first, then EQ, then amplifiers, then speakers.

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spelling correction:
*set a flat C-weighted curve

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GlassWolf thanks for the help, my son has a Rampage head unit, Jensen XA2100 amp and a Power Acoustics PAC3120 crossover. We are getting power to this set up, but can only get sound from one channel. We have switched the speaker wires around and put on new wires. The other amp he has is a Sherwood XA1240Q, that we can't seem to get powered up. We checked the fuses they are ok, we used the same wire set up as on the Jensen. Much appreciate your help.

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honestly, not to be mean, but the problem is that he bought flea-market quality gear.
all of that stuff is sold from places like JC Whitney for about $20, and that's what it's worth.
high failure rates, very poor quality.
the unit is probably just defective.

next time he may want to save up a little more and buy affordable, well made gear. He'll have much better sound and far less trouble in the end.

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i was wondering if you could help me out by explaining how to read a multimeter when checking ohms and or other problems with a car sterio. i have a techmaster dm-8400 multimeter if this helps at all ,,thank you

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Glass will have to get into the stuff I miss, but i will give you a good start.

Power = set it to volts dc / if given a choice go to a voltage higher than the voltage you are shooting. Car is 12 to 14 volts.

Touch the positive lead (red) to the side you shoud be getting power at, and the negative lead (black) to a ground. If you are getting power, it will tell you how many volts you are getting across the display. This is used when checking to see if your amp, radio, or so on is receiving power, or how many volts an altanator is putting out.

ohms = turn the meter to ohms (looks like an upside down u) and touch the red and black leads together. The display should count down to zero, or somewere close (.02) or so.

To check a voice coil, simply disconect both speaker wires and touch the red lead to the positive terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal. You should get around the same amount of resistance as the speaker is rated.

To check rca wires, first disconect the wire from all components, and then shoot center conductor to center conductor, and outer conductor (sheilding) to outer conductor. Make sure you are connected to both ends of the same rca. Right side to right side and so one. The lower your resistance the better. Then shoot the center conductor to the outer conductor. You shouldn't get any current flow here. If you do then the rca wire is bad.

I hope this helps. I could go into more but i don't want to confuse you. If you have any more question feel free to ask.

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all ya need to know
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