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First, I'm going to mention a name that will inspire all the flamers to dump on me but I'm not into competitive SQ or SPL, and I'm MARRIED. That means I can't "save up for better stuff", or "throw away the junk". I had a perfectly well sounding system in my last car that consisted of Sony head unit and speakers, 2 Pyramid amps, and a single 8" Jensen sub. Now to my question if anyone cares to give a useful response... I installed an old Sony ES head unit with Kenwood 4's and 6.5's that distort at volume. I don't want to install an amp and only a powered sub if I have to. However, I've seen some PYRAMID dash mount powered EQ's (300W) that I believe will give me cleaner sound using the 4V pre-outs from the head unit. I have a minivan (go ahead and laugh but it's got a 225hp 4g63 turbo and AWD) and I can't hide amps, subs, etc. Power is rated 4x75 but if I can get 30-40 watts clean it will probably be sufficient. Sorry for the long post. Any takers?

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Take all of that Setup...
And give it to goodwill.
No eq's will help this system.
go to zapco for some nice procesors, eq's.
not to cheap but nice.

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Well, you were right about the "flames" - but I feel you, my brother, I have been there (and glad am not!) ;-)

Brand names aside, the idea of a powered EQ is really not worth pursuing. A powered Bazooka sub would free up the head unit for the cabin speakers. An even better choice would be the Infinity Bass Link or the JBL Bass Box, all very easy to hide under a seat.

And rather than spend money on a "booster" (as they used to be called) get a small 4-channel amp. How much were you willing to spend on the powered EQ?

I am replacing a 4 channel amp in my car, it is a nice Nakamichi, 4x50 RMS, that should give you nice, clean sound if the outs are really 4V. If the head unit is rated as 4x75, that's peak power and in reality, you may only have (with luck) 10, 12 watts RMS.

I guess in the end we always end up where you did not want to go: forget the booster idea, install a nice amp, etc.

At least I understand where you're coming from, man, and my offer of help is the Nakamichi amp. If you want it, make me a nominal offer and it's yours.

jose byron

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Thanks JBG. I'm actually leaning towards a small amp if I can find a spot to hide it. I've also been checking eBay for a BassLink. I replaced the Kenwoods in front that were actually blown with JBL GTO's that are a huge improvement. Now to plug the hole in my dash...

just get you a little legacy EQ it will do the job for you right now and its cheap.

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legacy eq is cheap and works great, for now.....
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