Brandon Arnold
i am having touble hooking up my equalizer, everything is hooked up right. when i hook up the patch cables coming from the reciever to the eq input then i ran patch cablesfrom the subwoofer output to my amp and nothing happened. When i hooke up the ones coming to the reciever into one of the outputs to see if it even worked, then the equalizer came on. would somebody please tell me what i am doing wrong.

I got an used ALPINE EREG145 as a gift recently with no manual. Someone helped me install it but I am not sure how it works especially the buttons SE and BBE. Can someone help

Jim Strong
What kind of head unit/EQ/Amplifiers are you running? Are you running a DIN steup or RCAs? If it is RCA then you should have the HU RCAs going to the input of the EQ, then the outputs from the EQ going to the input of the amplifiers. Never change them around. All this can possibly do is damage. Make sure you have 12v at the B+ and a good ground. Then make sure you have 12v on the remote turn on lead. If it does not work then the EQ is bad, assuming everything worked before you tried the EQ install.
BBE is Bass Boost Equalizer, I think. I had an old school Alpine DSP that had a BBE setting. It simply increased the bass output. Not sure what SE was. BBE is a patented technology that several companies bought into, Alpine, Panasonic and a few others. I guess it is some good stuff but I just leave all that stuff alone. My headunit has all settings on flat with no boost applied anywhere and no cuts either. I want a perfect signal coming out of the headunit. I have a Phoenix Gold EQ230 30 band 2 channel EQ for any minute changes that need to be made. I recommend the same to anyone wanting an ultra clean sounding system.

any luck with Alpine ERE-G145 is it worth the money to get that I saw one for really cheap

I just bought a alpine cda-7876 deck and was wondering if anyone new a good all around setup for bass /treble frequencies etc...I listen to metallica, acdc, ozzy...

I have a pyramid EQ and a two bunches of wires that come outof the back.one is for the speakers.
I am trying to figure out what are the other five wire go to?
help me please

i have a
red wire?
green wire?
gray wire?
and two black wires?
i and trying to hook up my truckand this is the only problem please email me at slayer_81_99@yahoo.com

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how do i hook up an home

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a home EQ to a receiver?
through the monitor/tape function.
that way the EQ works on pass-through.

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I have two outputs on my eq, one high one low, whuich one do i hook up to the amp?

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how do i hook up eqa-22 to my technic av control stero rec sa ex300 (the aim is to control my speakers clarity) ALONG WITH MY DVD PLAYER ON THE back of the eq i have LINE IN 1-2. MON OUT. TAPE 1 rec,play.TAPE 2 rec,play please help

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I have a eq and a cross over how do I hook these up to my system I no how to wire my system my amp and my subs though until I noticed the cross over the guy put in the dash ughh
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