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was pondering about this sub to replace my type r, does anyone have it hooked up and played it yet? How does it compare to the avalanche??

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ask uhh tyler and SiX

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I had a type R and i replaced it with an avalanche. The avalanche kills the R. There is no competition. The avalanche has the most amazing lows of any sub ive ever heard. It has amazing bass its a very controled speaker. Im guessing the arsenal is the same way.

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Arsenals sound amazing. SOOO deep, loud, and the SQ is amazing. I have the speaker crossed over at 150Hz and it sounds amazing all of the way up to that point. According to chad (the owner of ascendant audio), the speaker retains musicality past 200Hz! It really is an awesome sub.

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chris, id reccomend crossing a sub over at no higher than about 90hz. different occasions require slightly higher or lower but 90 for a good SQ sub should be fine. there is no need for a sub to play 150hz tones as the mids should take over. unless your tlakign about liek tangbang or similar subs which are actually sub/midbass speakers.

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Im actually thinking about gettng either 1 15 Arsenal and put it in my sealed 2.2 enclosure that i used on my Avalanche 15


2 Arsenal 12's and put them in my JL prowedge sealed box i had my 12w6v2's in.

Not sure which way to go yet.
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