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i have 2 alpine type r subs powered each by a phoenix gold xenon 400.1 amp. my problem is they aint hitting like i would want. the box i have is a little bigger than the rec. specs. would a smaller box within the specs greatly improve the bass? i'm kinda new to this so i was just lookin for a little advice

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0{er - if u got current model of type R which is 500wrms each (2= 1000wrms) & ur using only 400wrms then u must expect them to NOT pound as it should .

U need an amp that does 1000-1200wrms to get them really moving . I have 2 Rs powered by a 1000wrms & just now came from my ride & let me say they POUND quite nicely.......}

thanks for the advice, do you think overpowering them a little would hurt. i was thinking of getting the pg xenon 600.1, but would that hurt them with to much? what amp you think i should use?

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make sure the subs aren't out of phase from one another.
if one has polarity reversed, they'll cancel each other and sound very weak and flat

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The pg xenon 600.1 WILL not over power the 2 subs. I wouldn't even over power one of the subs. The type r's can easily take 600wrms. Like Rovin said, if you have to R's, (the new models) then they are 500wrms EACH. That's 500 + 500 = 1000. So you need at least 1000wrms to really get those things moving. Look for an amp in the range of 1000-1200wrms and you'll be all set. With the amp you are using now, each sub is only getting 200wrms, and each one requires 500wrms. Look at the Kicker KX1200.1 or MB Quart like rovin got, and you'll be all set. What's your budget for a new amp?

i'm currently running a pg xenon 400.1 to each sub (2 amps-2 subs). any advice for what amp to run to each sub and how many watts to put to each would help (thinking bout pushing 600-650 to each). just trying to spend between 250-400 for each amp.

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ahh, know I see what your saying. The best thing to do is to get one big amp, and not 2 smaller ones. I would recommend a kicker kx1200.1 or something along that line. That amp is underrated too.
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