Help! amp is messed when i touch RCA input


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hi, my kenwood amp is messed up, whenever i drive around if just starts to make NOISE!!! ouch:-( hurts my ears, i noticed its one of the channels on the amp, when i move the input jack it makes the noise, ive tried taking it apart, worked for a bit when i screwed one of the screws around the jacks tighter, but now it doesn't work anymore:-( i think the jack is a little loose and touches the housing

also plz visit my other post any suggestions?

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I've read and posted my reply to your other comment.
Your current Kenwood amp is a low budget/quality model so don't bother fixing nor wasting any more time. If it's making that loud of a noise, replace it with a better amp. If you prolong it, you'll end up blowing your sub/subs.
It really looks like you have what people consider "starter" system.
If you're looking for better sound quality, ditch the Kenwood amp and current subs and invest a little.
I know you were looking at BackwardShop for subs and amps. Don't bother with those crooks.
Look on eBay.COM not .ca for your items. Lot of the sellers on .ca want to recover their loss by charging high reserve price for junks.
For amps, look for PPI PC/PCX series, MTX, and Audiobahn A8000T or A8002T. They're both priced around $130.
You might also find deals on Xtant amps. I purchased 4 channel amp for $127 few months ago.
Don't let the duty/taxes/exchange rate scare you. $130 amp with all those added will end up around $200 CDN. You won't find any "useable" amp for that amount in Canada.
Just to prove how much BackwardShop is ripping you off, take the RF amp they're selling for $899 plus taxes ($1033.85).
That same amp can be had for around $650 CDN (tax/duty/shipping included).
Anyway you look at it, nothing adds up. The markup they're charging is almost criminal!

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yeah the kenwook amp was only for my back speakers, it worked well though, the system was installed maybe 97 its a kenwood deck 35x4, 2 6.5" 120w kenwoods in doors, and 2 6.5" 120w pioneers in back(these outperformed some pioneer 6x9's that i tried out). and my ghetto 8" sub 100w tube in the back seat lol.

so i guess the amp is gone:-( unless i use the remaining working channel lol, nah.
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