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Ok, so I am looking into a system, i currently have a sealed box for 2 10" subs, but one sub blew and I have the other still in. This is my brothers old system so im not sure exactly the power of it or the amp. I believe the amp is a Memphis 1000W and they were about 2 year old eclipse subs. Im looking for something that will put out way more of a hit, but not my in my wallet. Should i try for 2 12s or maybe just one 12 or 15 with higher watts? :-\ thanks for any help, i dont want to waste my money.

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Demko, it'll depend on what you consider "way more of a hit". Are you looking for SPL or SQ? For SQ, 2x10" subs will do just fine. If you want a bit of both, go with 2x12" in a proper box. Lot of the cheap subs with boxes are not designed to spec.
You will be amazed with the sound improvements a sub could produce in a right box.
Just curious, how did you blow the sub? Normally, subs don't burn out from clean power. It is distortion/clipping that kills them. So if you're going to make an investment in a better sub system, then think twice about the amp. If it's sending out bad waves, it will destroy more subs.

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What model are those eclipe sub's? If one is still good I'd look for a good ported box made to specs for it, and just spend your money on a good amp to run it.

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I am more interested in SPL. And the sub blew because of crap in the trunk resting against the sub. It is a mono amp also btw.
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