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whats goin on everybody. im running 2 12" vega vmaxs (svc) off a JBL 600.1 my friend swears that my wiring is wrong by the way the subs sound. he thinks he can make them hit twice as hard just by re-wiring them even though i explained how i had them hooked up. i just want to clarify with all of you and make sure ive got them wired down to a 2 ohm load. im in a reg cab truck so the subs are behind my seat. the box has a divider between the 2 different chambers. the amp is under the drivers side of the seat. i have to positive from the left sub connected to the positive comming from the right sub, together going to the positive on the amp. and the negative from the right to the negative on the left, together going to the negative on the amp. my wires have to run outside the box from one side to the next because of the divider inside teh box. this is correct is it not? personally i think the subs hit pretty hard and sound damn decent for pounding right into the back of the seat and in a sealed box. any responce would be great. thanks!

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yep you have there a parellel wiring setup witch with 2 4ohm woofers it well creat a 2ohm load to the amp so you are running as many watts as you can from that amp do what i would do though it isnt going to hurt any thing to let your freind try it his way let him find out for him self that he is wrong
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