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Are mtx subs any good like the thunder 8000 or the 9500 at car domain right now they have a mtxthunder 8000 on sale for 70 bucks.

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i put 2 mtx 8000 10s in my g/f's car for her for xmas, they had 2 on ebay for 120... not a bad deal... and it sounds better and louder than the one alpine s12 she had in there at the time which was on the verge of fryin lol... anywayz... i wouldnt say they are a bad sub... the 9500 is louder and can handle more power than the 8000, as far as sound quality i have no idea... i have 2 jl 10w7s in my truck... lol, so my g/fs mtx's dont seem like an awful lot, but they are pretty loud and she only has an alpine 700.1 amp pushin them...

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mtx 9500 r ok my brother has two 12's in his and they smoke my kicker cvr's then again i only got 2 10 inch so but they do sound pretty good i think he paid like $100 a piece for them. so there not to bad for the price

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Mtx is good for the price.

mtx is good for the price..... thats it. don't confuse that with sound quality.

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MTX is GREAT!! not good, or good "for the price". MTX are among the few pioneers of car audio. Dont let the price fool you...seriously. I have had alot of experience with MTX and they are grade A. SQ is definatly a + with MTX. also, they play what theyre rated at, and their customer service is even awesome. ha ha

FIRST OF JUGGALO, what are you looking for? what dou you want in a sub?

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i remember when i first started getting scott roarks old paperwork from the trash at the research and devolopment building, including magazines, prototype specs and test results, sometimes even the prototypes themselves, lol.
heck i still have the original mtx home theater center channel that is machined from a solid piece of nylon, lol.
we would even take woofers from the huge recycle bin and fix them. heck, this was well over ten years ago. i remember taking blue thunders that had smashed cones and terminators that needed surrounds. at the time going from a foam surround to a rubber didnt make much of a difference to us, although i quickly determained that cutting loose the dust cover and shimming the voice coil with a photo/picture kept the sub from rattling when i replaced spiders, cones, vc's, surrounds, or any suspension parts. hell i even taped off voice coil gaps and switched baskets on some, haha. i probably built over 1000 custom mtx subs from rejected subs thrown in the trash. i learned so much in doin this.
i also remember before i worked there, on my application i had written in the comments how i had learned so much from thier trash,lol, they thought that was funny.

so.....being an x mtx employee, an experienced mtx user, and someone who owes much of his knowledge to this company....i could never say anything bad about them overall. wellllll......just one thing, the first 8000's had a problem with the chrome peeling and this led to the dust caps coming loose, but that isnt really mtx's fault, kindof.
wow, i'm still remembering all the buildin back in the old days, lots of woofers said "oaktron" lol. when the thundercast series came out maaaannnnn did those seem like the baddest woofer ever, they seemed ahead of thier time, i think they were.

so anyways i'm goin on n on about nada, just thought i'd share an mtx story with ya.
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