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Hello everyone.
Thank you for providing an open forum for the exchange of enthusiast information. I have a question regarding how to tune the audio signal for best possible sound.

The equipment installed is as follows:
Pioneer DEH-6600 head unit
pair 4x6 Polks(in dash)
pair 6.5" round Infinity w/ adjustable tweeters(rear)
pair 5.5" round Infinity w/ adjustable tweeters rear)

I do not have a test CD or any measuring equipment, so the "tuning" will be done by ear. I just don't know where to start, except for making the assumption that everything should be set to flat or zero (no EQ, no Loudness, etc.).

Once I've got everything zeroed out, how would I begin? Should I start with the Bass, midrange?

I have listened to a few CDs with a set of headphones, so I know what sound I'm trying to reproduce (as close as possible). So far, though, I only end up with a somewhat muddy sound. I'm trying to get a nice bass punch, like the sound of a bass drum (but not boomy). I suspect part of my problem might be the vehicle itself, a G20 Mark III conversion van. It's a full size van, with considerable customization on the interior (cloth captains chairs, sofa, cloth headliner, etc). Also, the distance between the front and rear speakers is such that in order to hear both at a similar level, I have to move the fader control towards the rear by 5 or 6 points off of center.

Thanks in advance. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Hey Splash, from your listing above, it looks like you only have a HU to drive all your speakers. Infinity speakers are a great choice, I have them in my car.
You have to remember though, a HU can only give so much sound quality. I know it says 50W x 4, but in reality it's around 15W x 4 with distortion. If you have the manual you'll find out the quality is very much like an FM sound, probably 50hz to 15K. I've tried it with my JVC 5000 dvd unit. It'll deliver only so much before distortion kicks in.
To reproduce a home stereo quality, I had to get seperate amps for front and rear plus a sub.
I think the sound you're looking for can be achieved by doing what I did. You have to take the bass away from front and rear and put it to the sub amp, if not you'll hear some muddy bass sounds. Those small speakers have a limit when it comes to bass, plus if you try to get both, you'll find out the treble won't be as crisp at high volumes. By having seperate amp, you can adjust the gain and filter independently for each set of speakers.
I think the speakers you have will produce great mid bass to highs, now all you need is a sub amp and sub, then you're set.
If you don't want to dish out the cash, then visit a car stereo store first to see if it's worth investing.

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Thanks, Isaac.
I really appreciate the time you took to provide the explanation. It gave me much more insight regarding how my system works - especially the HU and the power levels. It makes sense now.

Since this vehicle is my family driver, I don't mind investing the extra money to make it sound the way I want it to. My wife is open to putting in an amp, so I'll start shopping around. More than likely, I'll start with one, then add another at a later date. I will plan in advance, though, and run at least a 4 AWG cable to a fused distribution block. That way there will be enough juice from the battery for the second amp.

Thanks again for your insightful comments.


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You're welcome splash, just a reminder, when you shop for the sub amp, try and get the model with remote bass control. With that you will be able to adjust bass boost from your dashboard. I use it all the time to achieve desireable bass level.
For your other amp, a 4 channel with a min power of 75w rms per channel would be cool. Anything less might induce distortion along with the sound at loud volumes.
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