Rainbow vs DLS vs CDT


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I have the choice of picking up the new DLS Iridium 6.2 comp set.

Also have the chance to pick up the Rainbow Professional 3-ways:

Should be like that, but with the kickbass upgrade.

Or the CDT HD642, as kind of the benchmark.

The DLS wins loudspeaker of the year, but its a Rainbow 3-way!!.... they all pretty damn good enough to call it personal preference?

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Absolutely, all are fantastic. All are smooth, even component sets, it's all up to your ears.

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what is the difference between the one you posted the link to and the one with kick? I looked on their website and I couldn't tell the difference.

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I also believe the one with kick is the next series, the profi vanadium. The one you linked to is just the profi line.

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Basically the difference in this:


and this:


But only in a three way.
This isn't the Profi line.
It isn't a current model (im buying 'previously enjoyed', to answer your question in another thread).
The current Profi line does have a kickbass upgraded 3-way set:


notice how it is different from the professional line. The speedsound link to the professional line show the speakers with 'professional' written on them in white.

And the difference between the Kickbass and the non-kickbass is the frequency response.

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Why does the non-kick show a lower frequency response than the kick? Isn't the kick supposed to have stronger bass? The non-kick range is 35-25k and the kick is 80-25k. What is up with that?
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