What 6.5" speaker will give me most bass... Infinity?


I have a 91 corolla which came stock with a set of 4" speakers in the dash. I replaced them with Infinity 4000i speakers. I wanted to add a set of infinity 6x9's behind the back seat, but was told by future shop that it would be extremely difficult (and expensive) to fit these speakers in. They told me that my best bet was to get a set of 6.5" inch speakers. I already have a good set of 4" speakers for mid high bass and superb highs from the tweaters, i just want some bass to fill in the gap. I was thinking of just getting another set of infinity reference series just the bigger 6.5" but I have a feeling they wont produce much bass, so i was wondering what the best reseanable priced 6.5" speakers were; not for incredible highs (I alreasy have them) but for good bass. I know i should get a sub if i want bass, but there is no room in the corolla, and i want to stick with the deck for an amp. Anyone with any suggestions or experience with this car it would be appreciated, thanks.
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