This forum has really gone downhill


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I hate to say it. But the level this forum used to be at, and the level its at now is really disappointing to me. When I first started on here it was really a great place to compare models of woofers, speakers, and get peoples input on their experience with specific components, and a little troubleshooting here and there. Since then it seems as though pretty much everyone uses this as a technical support place and instead of actually doing some research (gasp) to look into what they need for their system they pretty much want other people to configure it for them, and do everything except show up and install it. These newbies generally try to install it themselves, thinking they'll save money, and do it wrong, and complain that others don't know what they're talking about. Here is what I recommend for everyone that is considering posting something that contains the words, "I am new to" or the word "newbie". Do some research please, and consider purchasing your products to have them installed by an authorized dealer. Now the thing is for most of the questions asked here, generally there is a place on the internet that already has something setup to explain exactly the setup procedure, which refers back to me saying, please do research. If you still cannot find an answer, then go ahead and resort to this forum. Keep in mind that there are actually people here that have more knowledge to answer slightly more advanced questions than "I am new to car audio, what will I need to build a stereo." Or, "I'm looking to build a good system, what do you recommend." Then not include the model of your car, or give any explanation or basis for us to even consider any possibilities for your stereo.

I don't post this to be rude or mean. Because I'm truly not a mean person. But when the same experts around here answer the SAME questions about 30 times in a week, it kinda gets old. There are plenty of websites out there that explain how to setup a car system and give explanations on what components you need for specific upgrades.

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you'll notice I don't respond to a lot of threads.
many I don't even open when I see topics like "what amp should I buy?" because the first thing I think is, "ok, this person has no idea what they want to do, so they either aren't serious about buying something, or they're new and need to do some reading."
I used to try to answer everything but that got futile very quickly, so now I mostly stick to stuff I don't think anyone else could properly answer, or stuff I know first hand.. that sort of thing.
the technical stuff the average guy probably wouldn't know.

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lol, I'm not to familair with "brands" so I usually end up trying to answer the "newbie" questions. I used to not mind but now..... hell I originally came to this forum looking for answers myself.

Like how hard would it be to get set of 6 1/2 components in the 5x7 stock locations in the doors of my '96 Explorer? My 5 1/4 Q's are weak on midbass and Sound Advice(Tweeters) told me there was no way in hell they could get the 6 1/2 Q's in there.

Not expecting an answer, just wonderin.


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Those explorers had the speaks right in front of and below the armrest, right? I can't remember the size exactly, but from dealing with 5x7 slots, it shouldn't be terribly too hard. You seem as if you're not opposed to fiberglassing either, so if you can add a little height I can pretty much guarantee you it'd fit. But from what I remember I'm pretty sure you could squeek them in as is. Depends on what 6 1/2s you're talking about as well, size of them can vary.

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Yeah, well its kind of a little late now(like 4 years too late, hehe). I was just wondering if they were feeding me a line of bull or not. Those Q's use neodium magnets so the motor size is pretty dinky(about 2 1/2" mounting depth). I was thinking about swapping out the midrange drivers but the xovers are slightly different. The 6 1/2's are crossed over at 2600 Hz, but mine are crossed over at 3000, plus you can pick up an entire set of the 218.61 Q's for less than the cost of two replacement 6 1/2's from MB Quart.

Yep, the salesman told me they would fit and I guess the installer was to busy to prove it.

I can pick up a set of QM 218.61 Q's for $310(discontinued/new, they listed at around $700). Is there anything else out there comparably priced that'll sound as good and help out my midbass dilemma?

What about some shallow mount dedicated midbass drivers w/ xover that'll handle about 180 watts? I can probably fit something farther back in my doors. There's no room in the kick panels.

Uhggg. Probably just be easiest to buy the 6 1/2 Q's. Just seems like a waste of those 5 1/4's.

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