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I just bought 2 RF Punch HX2s for my car and they completely over power my speakers if i turn the bass up at all. So i was wondering what do i need to get to help this. I'm not sure what kind of speakers i have but they are not good. Should I get some component speakers for the front. What about the rear? I heard that speakers are not even neccessary back there?

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components in the front and 6x9 two ways in the back. 6x9 help give u the deep mids needed for the quality. if u think of it this way, sound is a range of waves. if ur lacking in any of those fields, u get an unsatisfactory sq. u need the whole package. 6x9 and components. i can recomend u cheap speakers that sound good but u will want better sq later and under sell ur current stuff to get money to buy better---so my recomendation is to buy diamond audio or mb quarts----they saound around the same. pretty pricy but as an mb quart user myself-----u get orchestra type sq with those speakers

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Sound quality is related to acoustic phase as well as frequency response and imaging, and rear fill speakers interfere with all of this because of the different pathlengths that each speaker has, affecting phase response, and possibly causing cancellation and improper boosting of certain frequencies, so actually your sound quality is degraded a lot by using rear speakers (unless you do a lot of work to get it right). Plus, the added ambience of rear fill can "pull" the soundstage rearward, away from the front and centered soundstage you'd experience in a concert and into a more surrounding environment in which you can localize every speaker (not a good thing). Again, a negative effect on imaging. In a SQ application, less is more, ideally you'd have a single driver that could reproduce all frequencies, but this is not possible (at least not now). I'd recommend you spend all your money on front component system and an amplifier to power them, this will offer the best sound quality and will be cheaper, and allow you to spend money on better quality equipment up front since you're not wasting any on the rear. A good component set is more than capable of producing midbass, 6x9s aren't needed and are even worse than round speakers for sound quality because of uneven stress points, causing cone flex and added distortion. Plus, if you rely on 6x9s for your midbass, you're putting a critical frequency range behind you, so you'd be simulating the bass player to be behind you at a concert. If you're curious about absolute phase (and why rear speakers hurt sound quality) read these articles:
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