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I'll help you design one. I just need to know your max dimensions (max H, W, D) and the specs of the subs... especially the Vas. It wouldn't be a problem, it should take me less than an hour and I'd have all your blueprints... then you just cut it and build it.

I am looking for blueprints for two mtx 12" subs


I am looking for soem blueprints for a 6 cubic foot sub enclosure for a 15" Solobaric L7.

im looking for an enclosure for six 12's

Hey i got a box for 6 12's.

I'm looking for an enclosure for four 12's to fit in an evt. cab s-10

I have two 200W Pioneer 6x9's and I need to make some boxes. Does anyone have any blueprints? Or suggestions? I am installing them in a SUV so the box design is pretty wide open. Please e-mail me!

Thanks, Justin

I am looking for plans or blueprints for building an either closed (sealed) or ported box for a single 15" jl audio sub - working on project in class. Email me at plz.

I am looking for plans or blueprints for building a flexport speaker box for 2 15" subs.

I am looking for blueprints for a 92 camero, I have 3 10" JL audio subs. I would also appriciate any ideas.

LOL, I'll add to the list I need blue prints for 2 12" speakers, they are kenwood w3002

im looking for a box for a 03 ram 1500 quad cab for under my back seat for two 10's

Andrew Smith
Anyone no the suggested size for an enclosure for 10 " kicker solobarics (round not square)

i need blue prints for 2 12's to fit a acura integra any thing will help thanks

I need help deciding which bandpass is best for dual 12in subs both faceing each other or facing forward & if there both facing forward should there be a divider THANKS

please,could you help me with designing of an amp. I would like you to send me a blueprint of a most simple amp wireing that you could find.
Thank you.

i have a 1998 GMC sierra ext cab, and an trying to build a box to put 2 alpine 10". The box needs to go under the back seat, if anyone ahs any plans for thisdesign contact me at

I build all boxes for all cars, for a reason able price. I would be willing to send blueprints also. Fee for research though.


I have a 96 gmc extended cab Z-71 i need some plans on how to build a box to hold 2 10' subs to go under the back seat need help thank you.

i need a box for 6 12"s, anyone have a box, or even the specs e-mail me at dointhechibba21@AOL.COM

Get your hands on The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook. Madisound, Solen, Old Colony Sound Labs and others sell the book. Radio Shack used to. Try them.

I'm looking for blueprints for a subbox to hold two 10" rocford HE subs to fit in a '90 jeep yj

If anyone can help me I am looking for blueprints for a dual 12" 4.50cuft ported box. thank you

I'm at work and it gets pretty boring so if anyone needs help on a box design or just simply wants some advice mail me at or

Hey eCoustics!! Is there anyway I can leave a spreadsheet somewhere? I have a sheet that calculates box volumes, sealed and vented with high and low Qs. It's only 250KBs and it already has about 250 drivers in it. Adding new drivers only requires three Thiel-Small parameters unsually found on vendors web sites (or Madisound, Solen, PartsExpress).

I used to own a speaker company in Chicago.

I am trying to design a set of boxes for my house for 2 kicker comp gold series 15's, 2 JL 10's, 2 jensen xs series 12's. preferably wave port style.
any advice would be appreciated! email me at

Has anybody found blueprints for the rear seat of a x-cab Z71? I'm also needing to put 2 10"s under the back seat of a '97 GMC. My email is

alright i have an s10 w/o an extended cab and bench seat im looking for plans for a 6x9 speaker box if anyone can help please email me at thnx

just wondering if any one has blueprints for a 96 dodge ram quad cab i could get a copy of email me at

I have 99 s-10 extra cab. I have an old "camaro" ported box, but I don't like how it fits. I'd like to get some help designing a custom box that fits in the back of my cab, but doensn't take up all the space. I'd like to use my 12" woofer if possible, but will try a smaller size if suggested.
tommy (at) godcomplex (dot) com

Does any one have any blueprints for a box with a plexiglass window for (2) MTX 12's going in a civic.
I am open to ideas.

oh yeah my email is

hey can anyone help me build a box sealed or ported for 4 12's in a 93 mazda mx6 ls or do you have any blue prints at all for anytype of in enclosure for my car please email me at


I am looking to build a box that will fit two tens and will fit under the rear seat of a 2002 1500 dodge quad cab, does anyone have these blueprints. Thank You.

Manny Martinez
i have 2 L5 solobarics "12" and i wanted to know how much power do i need to power both of them because i'm considering going into competition. They are both in seperate boxes and they are in a 95 chevy impala. Thanx 4 ur help

Manny Martinez
i have 2 L5 solobarics "12" and i wanted to know how much power do i need to power both of them because i'm considering going into competition. They are both in seperate boxes and they are in a 95 chevy impala. Thanx 4 ur help e-mail me at:

I think i should add to this list as well.
I am from Australia and have just bought a pioneer 600 watt 12" sub and am trying to design an enclosure for it. I want it to be a triangular prism approx 50cm high and 40cm deep. If anyone out there can help it would be greatly appreciated just email me at
Thanks in advance

I would appreciate it If anyone would help me with the blueprints to a box that will fit underneath the rear seat of a 2002 dodge ram quad cab. Thank You.

looking for demensions for four kicker solo square
dual voice coil 10s going in a 97 s10 extended wit side door need help .TY

i need blue prints for a dual 12" sealed box? need it for a class project! if anyone can help that would be great thanks! the speakers are 12" sony Xplod!!! thnks!

^^^^^ im that person send me an email if u have any thanks i havent been able to find a web site either with any blue prints or designs on them if theres any one that can help that would be great!!!!

matt if you sould send me some bluprints or a good site w/ blueprints on it that would be great

Well I see this site is no help for spec's on K
icker's sorry I tried>


This aught to get you started. Here are the top 40 woofers sorted by bass extension. The sheet calculates low Q extended bass (QTC=.707) and the more typical hard hitting high Q bass (QTC=1). It gives box volumes too. The sheet is about 18 months old, but it's a start.

Brand Model Part Number Price Vendor Diameter Power Fs Vas (cu-ft) QTS Qes SPL Special Features "SFS, QTC=1" "SVB, QTC=1" "SFS, QTC=.707" "SVB, QTC=.707" VVB VFB VFS
Parts Express "12"" Butyl" 290-365 46 PE 12 100 24 8.33 0.86 1.17 87.0 Rubber 22.0 23.7 20 -25.7 81.04884225 11.5 8
Kicker CompVR C15d-8 15 500 20.4 15.16 0.661 0.70 89.1 24.4 11.8 22 105.3 69.30565129 12.4 9
Kicker Freeair F15c-8 15 500 28.563 8.29 0.911 1.00 89.6 24.8 40.5 22 -20.8 95.16199355 13.0 8
Kicker Impulse I15-8 15 175 23.1 8.63 0.705 0.76 87.9 25.9 8.5 23 1518.9 47.46842483 13.3 10
Kicker Impulse I15-4 15 175 21.7 9.58 0.615 0.66 88.1 27.9 5.8 25 29.8 35.60642329 14.1 11
Kicker Freeair F15c-4 15 500 27.348 8.75 0.765 0.82 89.6 28.2 12.3 25 -60.0 60.84258128 14.6 10
Kicker XPL X15c-8 15 600 18.59 17.62 0.507 0.53 89.7 29.0 6.1 26 18.7 37.62443669 14.4 13
Kicker CompVR C12d-8 12 400 25.4 5.62 0.688 0.73 87.4 29.2 5.1 26 100.4 28.82082394 14.9 11
Polk DX12 8 200 MSRP 12 400 26.7 3.10 0.71 0.79 86.0 Rubber 29.7 3.2 27 -367.6 17.40060761 15.3 11
Kicker CompVR C15d-4 15 500 19.9 15.39 0.529 0.56 89.5 29.7 6.0 27 19.6 37.12339254 14.8 13
Morel MW-1075 297-045 124 PE 10 180 25 6.29 0.65 0.87 89.0 Foam 30.4 4.6 27 34.4 27.40332353 15.5 12
Kicker XPL X12c-8 12 500 21.586 7.34 0.559 0.59 87.5 30.5 3.3 27 12.2 20.74240968 15.3 13
Dynaudio 30W-100 297-265 320 PE 12 450 24 9.50 0.62 0.80 91.0 Foam 30.6 5.9 27 31.6 36.13923983 15.5 12
Kicker Solo Baric S15d-8 15 750 18.63 10.80 0.481 0.51 87.8 30.6 3.3 27 9.3 19.82765638 15.1 13
Dayton Titanic 1200 295-400 150 PE 12 350 16 9.89 0.407 0.42 90.0 Rubber 31.1 2.0 28 4.9 11.24602694 15.1 15
OZ Audio M300L 12 300 22.68 10.18 0.57 0.73 85.5 Rubber 31.4 4.9 28 18.9 30.42123757 15.8 13
Kicker CompVR C18d-8 18 1000 17.2 26.75 0.425 0.45 91.8 32.0 5.9 29 15.1 34.42637338 15.6 15
Blaupunkt ODw1500 15 500 18 9.00 0.44 0.48 92.0 "DVC,Rubber" 32.3 2.2 29 5.7 12.79507836 15.8 15
Kicker Freeair F12c-8 12 400 29.868 4.81 0.724 0.78 89.0 32.6 5.3 29 -103.6 28.55525353 16.8 12
Kicker XPL X15c-4 15 600 19.979 15.20 0.484 0.51 90.7 32.6 4.6 29 13.4 28.40802457 16.1 14
Morel MW-220 297-035 80 PE 8 120 31 2.47 0.75 0.78 89.0 Rubber 32.7 3.2 29 -22.2 16.22609589 16.9 12
Pioneer TS-W383DVD 170 MSRP 15 200 18.2 21.85 0.438 0.46 94.0 DVC 32.8 5.2 29 13.6 30.65587841 16.1 15
Kicker XPL X10c-8 10 350 25.748 3.46 0.603 0.64 86.4 33.7 2.0 30 9.2 12.15284737 17.0 14
Infinity Reference 1220w 160 Crutch 12 300 24 4.55 0.56 0.60 92.0 33.9 2.1 30 7.7 12.92415903 17.0 14
Earthquake Magma 12 450 MSRP 12 500 28.4 1.36 0.66 0.73 86.8 DVC 34.0 1.1 30 9.2 6.20217997 17.3 13
Rockford Fostgate RFZ1415 Punch 110 Crutch 15 150 25 10.46 0.58 0.63 91.0 Foam 34.1 5.3 30 21.5 32.8595253 17.1 14
Rockford Fostgate RFZ1815 Punch 15 150 25 10.46 0.58 0.63 91.0 Foam 34.1 5.3 30 21.5 32.8595253 17.1 14
Rockford Fostgate RFP2215 HE2 DVC 230 Crutch 15 250 22 9.18 0.51 0.55 89.0 "DVC,Foam" 34.1 3.2 30 10.0 19.94136822 16.9 15
Kicker CompVR C18d-4 18 1000 17.3 25.27 0.398 0.42 91.5 34.3 4.8 31 11.7 26.93772517 16.6 16
OZ Audio M300H 12 250 43.87 2.61 1 1.40 88.3 Rubber 34.7 #DIV/0! 31 -5.2 39.135345 18.4 11
Cerwin-Vega AI-12.0S12 12 250 24 8.25 0.544 0.62 90.0 34.9 3.5 31 12.0 21.56324164 17.4 15
Cerwin-Vega AI-10.0 S12 10 250 23 3.35 0.519 0.59 87.0 35.0 1.2 31 3.9 7.650087158 17.4 15
Kicker CompVR C12d-4 12 400 24.3 5.71 0.543 0.57 88.0 35.4 2.4 32 8.2 14.84577514 17.7 15
Polk DX12 4 180 Crutch 12 400 26.3 2.80 0.58 0.63 86.0 Rubber 35.8 1.4 32 5.8 8.796048836 18.0 15
Earthquake OA15 15 180 24.0124 13.15 0.5275 0.59 91.3 36.0 5.1 32 16.5 31.45109704 17.9 15
Rockford Fostgate RFD1218 HX2 DVC 700 Crutch 18 300 22 14.13 0.48 0.51 90.0 DVC 36.2 4.2 32 12.1 25.77940042 17.9 16
Rockford Fostgate RFP2818 Punch XLC 18 250 24 16.16 0.52 0.57 92.0 Foam 36.5 6.0 33 19.0 37.10754405 18.2 16
Kicker XPL X15c-2 15 600 19.127 15.83 0.412 0.43 90.2 36.7 3.2 33 8.1 18.63206991 17.8 17
Rockford Fostgate RFP2812 Punch XLC 130 Crutch 12 200 30 6.28 0.64 0.71 87.0 Foam 37.0 4.4 33 28.5 26.16901813 18.8 15
Kicker XPL X12c-4 12 500 21.107 7.53 0.446 0.47 88.7 37.4 1.9 33 5.0 11.12954167 18.3 17

i need some blueprints for a single mtx 15, thats goinng in a lincoln contintental. I would like to make a bandpass box for it. I have been looking all over the internet for some, if you can help please do so.

i need some blueprints for a single mtx 15, thats goinng in a lincoln contintental. I would like to make a bandpass box for it. I have been looking all over the internet for some, if you can help please do so.

I am looking for some blue prints for a 12" l7 sealed or ported enclosure.If anyone has them please e mail me at

i work in a steel shop. i have a 90 mustang 5.0 and i want to build a box for 2 12" jl audios. i need the custom measurements for my car.its a hatchback.if you can help please do so.

can anyone design a 12 inch sub enclosure for a hose so that i can get the best bass with the loudest sound possible. it can be sealed or whatever you think is the best

e-mail me at

If you can hunt down these three numbers, I can calculate them for you.

Qts (Total system loss)
Vas (Driver air displacement) cu ft or cu meters.
Fs (driver resonance frequency)

I can also give you sealed and ported box sizes for flat, extended response and maximum sensitivity.

I am looking for blue prints for a 12in s12l7 kicker enclosure and if you have one will you please e mail me

Anonymous &ht=1&currdisp=2&itemtimedisp=1&combine=y&SortProperty=MetaEndSort& st=2&StoreCache=15444913+27162071+9277826+22511303&skip=300

Try it. They have good boxes, U can get Vented boxes that have a 3 - 9 Db boost.

Derek how do you figure out the QTS?

Usually it's just given on the spec sheet. It's a measurement [taken] of a driver and represents how big a peaks in that drivers response the resonance creates. High Q speakers require larger boxes to tame the peak but high Q speakers are louder. Sometime you have to add three "Q" numbers together on a spec sheet though.

Hey for a school project i am trying to get blueprints of a box for 3 12s. If anyone has some or knows where to get them it would be much appreciated. Thank-you!

I need a blueprint for 4 alpine 1521D subwoofers
with a sealed box volume 1.3-2.5 cubic feet, and a ported box volume of 1.5-3.0 cubic feet.

I need blueprints for a speaker box for a2003 Dodge Ram quad cab 12" or 10"

I need blueprints for a sub box for a 1997 Camaro, I have two 15" JL W-3

i need plans for 2 10" subs in a 94 Chevy extended cab...e mail me

i need blueprints for 2 Kicker Solo-Baric L5 02S10L5 10" Dual 4-ohm Voice Coil Woofer

i need blueprints for 2 Kicker Solo-Baric L5 02S10L5 10" Dual 4-ohm Voice Coil Woofer for a jeep cherokee

i need blueprints for 2 Kicker Solo-Baric L5 02S10L5 10" Dual 4-ohm Voice Coil Woofer for a jeep cherokee you can e mail me at

Why does everyone seem to want blueprints? I built a box to hold my four 10" subs and they pound very impressively. 1 1200w amp. They will handle 2 - 1200w amps, but nahh....this is enough. This amp is pushing 450 per channel at 2Ω. So, being that the left and right pairs are run in parrallel, each speaker sees about 225w.
This box is built plenty good, it can't be broken, and the speakers are held in VERY solid. There is no rattle, pop, nothing. Very clean bass at whatever volume. These speaker will not blow for the reason of the amp. This box was my design just by going on the speaker requirements. I didn't have to copy anyone else's stuff.
If someone is wanting precise boxes, then build them to exacting specs. Copying someone else doesn't mean that they have it built the way you want it to sound. The box size is forgiving. It's not as crucial as most would believe. If someone doesn't have a clue on how to build the box, have someone build it for them. They will be MUCH happier they did.
If they are doing this for competition use....spend some damn money and have professionals do it.
Anyway, have a nice day.

The "2Ω" is meant to be the ohm sign...
replace with "2 ohm"

What are the dimensions for a sub box to fit under the back seat of a 1990 extended cab chevrolet.

Does Anyone Have The Dimensions for an enclosure of 2 w3v2 12" JL Audio Subs?

Is it possible to build a sub box for three 10s that will fit in a regular cab S10(1988)?

if anyone has a good enclosed box for 3 12's (80 oz. magnets) please send me some prints..thanks

yo i have a 92 camaro and i want to put 2 10" Alpine type R DVC subs (2 ohm + 2 ohm) and i want to fit it in the bottom of the well in the rear of the car, and i would like it to take up the least amount of space possible. the subs need .5 - .8 cu. ft. per sub but Alpine recommends .65 cu. ft. so if anyone has pre made plans for that type of enclosure or if any one has a box forsale that would fit that or any tips on how to make the enclosure my self email me

s2000 and integra tipeR 98 blue prints

I need a box for a 2001 dodge ram quad cab that will hold 2 12" Kicker Comp VR 12" woofers and will fit under the back seat. Any helop will be appreciated. Blueprints or anywhere I can buy one. Email me.

I need blueprints for a subwoofer box for a 2003 Dodge Ram quad cab. Two 10" or 12"

I am looking the blue prints for a box that would hold a 12 inch single subwoofer

kindred good luck. you have to build a wedge, i've done it and it is near impossible. hope you have a lot of practice with MDF or fiberglass cause that is going to be a hard. and your not going to fit 10's under there unless you use fiberglass

hey im tryin to build me a box... i have the design already laid out... i am new at this kind of stuff and was wonder if anyone could help with all them math shyt.. i need to find out the volume crap and everything... its not really for competition so does all that really matter?? can i just gues or what... give me some help on this please..

Hey Kindred-
I have an '03 Dodge quad 2500 4x4. We used fiberglass & MDF. It holds 2 JL Audio 8"s. It sounds really good. It's a little time-consuming w/ the mold, but not as bad as I thought at first.I don't think you can fit 12's, but 10's would fit.


I have got 2 12" subs and I want to put them into a 1999 GMC Sonoma Exteneded Cab truck (Same as chevy s10). I need some help on designing the boxes. I figure I would go with seperate boxes and I want to keep it nice and hidden if possible. Email me at if you can help me out

My sub specs

Size 12"
Power Peak 800w
Power RMS 400w
Voice Coil 2"
SPL @ 1W/1M 95.5dB
Fs (Hz) 36.9
QMS 3.81

QES 0.84
VAS (cu ft) 2.189
Overall Diameter 11.93"
Mounting depth 4.80"
Magnet Weight 80 oz


To figure out the volume of your box measure the inside LxWxH then divide that number by 1728. I am pretty sure its 1728. THen that will give you the volume.

I have a 1990 GMC pick-up and I would like to
build a box that holds 1 or 2 10"speakers.I have already built two of them(unsuccessfully)and I am
running out of ideas,so if someone could please
lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

I need blueprints for a two 15 inch or less subs that will fit in an extended cab s10 1994 and still allow use of the jumped seats in the back. Thanks

I have a 1990 GMC extended cab pick-up and I would like to build a box that holds 1 or 2 10" subwoofers and fit under the rear seat.Ihave allready built two of them(unsuccessfully)and I am running out of ideas,so if someone could please lead me in the right direction it would be greattly appreciated.

This is a correction from a current one.

anyone out there have blueprints for a dual 10 inch box....for a 97 gmc extra cab, for under the back seat? please help

Man i finally reached the bottom of this page... well now that i am here i might as well ask... I have two kicker 12"comp VRs and was wondering if anyone has any cool designs that they would like to see completed... it could be ported, vented, sealed, bandpass.... hell it doesnt matter... I have a pimped out chevy ASTRO for cryin out loud, so i have plenty of room.... please contact me at if you are interested in an exchange of plans for a box.... Hope someone responds thanks alot...

blueprints for a 15 and 2 12's that'll custom fit in an 84 camaro sealed

i am looking for the demensions for 2 12" woofers to fit in a 2003 Chevy Silverado single cab??? can you help me???? thanks


I am wanting to build a box for my 2 10" sony xplodes, but i seem not to get the correct measurments so if any knows please fill me in

I am looking for a box that can hold 12 of my mtx 12inch subs >

Hey im lookin for box dimensions on either a ported or sealed box that would fit behind my seats in a reg cab 94 sonoma. same as s10. I have 2 ten inch type r's. email me if u have anything thatnks

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had some plans or blueprints for a free standing 6x9 in. Box? Please contact, It will be greatly appreciated from a kid putting in his first system.

I want blueprints and/or dynamics for 2 12" Audiobahn Speaker Boxes To fit in the trunk of a B13 Nissan Sunny/Sentra Any help will be appreiciated. add me to msn at or

I am building a fiberglass box for the back of a 94 camaro. I am putting two kicker comp vr 12's. If anybody can help I would appriciate it. Thanks

i am looking for a custom box blueprint for a box to go on top of the seat of a 96 chevrolet ext cab it is for 2 12in eclipse 87 series dvc and it would be better if it had a amp rack just email them to me at

im looking for a good subwoofer box for 10's
if wanting to sell email me and for the suject put sub box so i no what the mail is
thank you

My name is Mr Kleynhans

i have 2 kenwood kcf-W3002 i am looking for the specs of the sub if some 1 can help me

i will be greatly glad

thanks again willem

i am looking to build a box for an audiobahn 12 its goin to be put in a 94 mustang convertible. if anyone has done this before or can help out please tell me

I need a box design and blueprints, or at the very least measurements for an MDF and fiberglass enclosure, for a 2001 dodge ram quad cab that will hold two 10's and fit under the rear fold down seat. If anyone has plans or has built a box to hold 10's drop me a line asap. I am building a box for the truck this 4th of July weekend

i need some blueprints on how to make a sub enclosure for my 4 12' RF subs into an eagle talon if anyone can help me out email me please. thanks a lot

looking for blue prints for one L7 10in to go in 2000 reg cab chevy ported box e-mail if u can help
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