What exactly does an equilizer do?


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i kinda new to this, so bear with me
i know what an equalizer is, but not related to car audio. what exactly does it do? and is it neccessary for a sub/amp setup?

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yea and no, music has many different notes(frequencies) being played at once. different size speakers produce particular notes better than others. however some are incapable of producing certain notes all together, such as a sub, it won't be playing 10khz(high pitch note), and a tweeter won't be producing a 30hz bass note, so we typically want those speakers to only play the notes they are good at, we can do this by using crossovers.
as far as eq's, thats a different story, in a perfect system you wouldn't need to eq it. for instance if the system lacks a little bass then you use the eq to boost the lower end up a little and so on. HOWEVER, even in a perfect system, (acoustically "flat" response), that isn't playing a perfect mix from the source, (the recording being played) may have to much bass, such as rap, and so you would need to "eq" some of the lower end out of the system.
people can get carried away with eqs, i stay away from them myself, when i do use them (i play in a band and need them for the pa) i don't do much beyond "cutting" some 3k and a little 600hz, i was taught to cut out, not boost, even if you only need a little high end then you should cut all the other frequencies until it sounds even, hey, its all about sq! have fun

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all you need to know:
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