IS it worth spending $5000?


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is it worth spending $5000 for getting a MECP certification and getting hands on experience of installing mobile audio and visual equipment ? i mean learning all that is awesome but $5Gs to get into installer schools ? anyone around here tried any installer schools ? or its better off if you got the instincts for it? how did you guys do it(jon,glasswolf,bacon_12 etc )?

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experience working at a smaller high end car audio shop, an EE degree, and a lot of hands-on.
The school is good if you want to hammer it all out and get it over with.
The money sounds like a lot but you learn tons. It's no worse than IT cert classes for things like CNE or MCSE.

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Knowledge in electronics counts for a lot, really my education is in Industrial Systems Technology, which taught me both fundamental and advanced electronics, as well as mechanical systems and logic controllers. Basic troubleshooting skills go a long way on a forum, most problems are simple, not as easy when most people's threads start with "What is THE best system? By the way, my budget is 400 bucks." I was always into audio in general, but I originally worked as a Plant Systems Technician, then my wife was killed in a car wreck and the demanding job had too much overtime for me to take care of my 1st daughter. So I helped my brother open an car audio shop and we've been there ever since. Much less demanding than an Industrial environment. If that's your passion and you plan a career in installing, those classes are the way to go. $5,000 is a small price to pay to get the education you'll need (yes, need) for your career, and they give a wealth of information.

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im sorry to hear jon..

well lol i dont know much about EE or anything, i'm only 17 and just got into car audio like a year ago and i freakin love it so im goin to RPI and majoring in EE and minoring in bio and physics..

i plan on persuing car audio for my future and/or nano technology as my dad and a few others directed me towards - ive learned ALOT from you guys, mostly GW but you too lately jon...and i spread the word around

i havent taken any installing classes, but i have installed 8 systems end up so far (including my 2) and most pretty darn successfully i'd say

well, this is how i "did it"
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