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I WILL be 15 Wangin

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Some funny sh1t in here

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Jackson, New Jersey Ocean

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Some of the stories, WOW...LOL

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Ya, some are pretty pathetic.

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A pic is worth 1000 words

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Posted by BrEaKaWaY on 10-22-2001 02:00 AM:

That guy must have a horrible install, my one hyper pro hits 800db's

but thats cus i use 1/16" plywood with the holes ( you know the one ur garage has that u hang things on, looks like dots) well i use that so air can escape and increase spl as with sq but remeber not to tell anyone or think about this idea cus you might hit 800db's

I can't read past that one. My sides hurt.

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I was talking to one of my friends about how I was getting my new Treo SSi 15... and he was like "I've never heard of TREO and I know about that stuff and I'm pretty sure that my extra 6X9's I got with my stock system can out bang em... cause my car gets loud." He was even willing to bet money until he heard my system and realized what loud is.

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after reading all those informative articles i finally know why i can't get loud. i just need to get a bunch of tweeters, completely seal them in a box hook them up to any random hunk of metal and bang the F*CK OUT!!!

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I WILL be 15 Wangin

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i told my friend what system i am getting. 1 15 fi ssd. Hes like oh never heard of that brand before. I asked him if he ever heard of digital designs, re, fi, treo, audioque. He hasnt heard of any of that. The funny thing is he asked me where do you find all these cheap a:ss brands, i laughed so hard i couldnt breathe.
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