When do i need to


when do i need to upgrade my stock alt.
does it go by watts rms or what, and can you tell a difference in sql or is it just a good idea so you dont ruin your stock alt.

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you upgrade the alternator so you don't ruin your speakers from clipping, or burn up your stock alternator from being overdrawn, or both.
granted, if you are clipping the amplifiers from lack of current, upgrading to a larger alternator should improve sound quality and peak SPL somewhat just by reducing clipping and improving the dynamic range of the amplifiers with stable voltage rails.

what if my subs aren't clipping, should i upgrade for the long run, im only running 1000 watts rms total to 2 twelves, and my amp runs 1000 watts rms from 11.5-14.0 volts. i just want to know if my subs will be louder and cleaner with the upgarde, when i have the car running and the system all the way up my volts drop to a lil above 12 and when i drive it stays between 12.9 - 14 is that good or should i upgrade


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Well your JL 1000/1 would probably like to draw around 100 Amps. Most stock alternators produce less than that, and the majority of that power is used by the car's systems. You do the math. Also, its difficult, especially for the untrained ear to detect all but insane amounts of clipping at subwoofer frequencies.
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