Even More Amp Problems


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alright...here's the situation

so im driving down the road...minding my own business bumpin to some music when i turn to my clarion DXZ835MP to change a cd. I eject the cd and the faceplate swung down like it normally does when all the sudden this piece that holds the face onto the unit itself just flies off (the right side) and the faceplate kinda fell off. Unable to fix it on the road, i just kinda put it away to fix later and put the faceplate back on hoping i wouldn't hit any bumps.

I immediately noticed that my bass wasn't there at all. I have a MTX 311D 300 something watt amp powering 2x 12" infinity subs by the way. I ignored the no-bass and continued on my journey to fix later. I noticed that the subs were trying to come back. Every so often i'd hear a little bass here and a little bass there then it would quit and repeat the vicious cycle.

When i got home to fix it, my first objective was to look at the fuses...all fine. next was to look at the power going to the amp...fine. the little red light was on (I also fixed that little piece that flew off, it just screws right back on). so i unhooked everything and reconnected it. Bass worked for like 5 minutes and then quit again. Same problem as before. I fiddled with the head unit, disconnecting stuff and reconnecting stuff but alas, nothing. The amp light is on all the time even when the bass kinda stops. It sounds like it wants to have a steady signal but it dies out alot. Somtimes the bass is there just not nearly as powerful as it should be. This is really honking my noodle and i hope you all can help. I hope my amp isnt dying :-( Oh yea...i installed everything too.

Sorry for the length of this post...

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check the RCA's in the back of your head unit...that happened to one of my friends and he didnt know for like a month

other than that i would run over everything again, make sure it's all in place and if all fails, bring it in to a shop and have them chec it out

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well thanks for the reply bacon...i checked the rca's in the back of the unit and it still didnt do anything, it worked for about 5 minutes and then went back to what it used to do. ran over everything again and it all looks solid. ill prolly take it to the local shop and have them take a look at it soon.
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