If solobarics have weak points then ....


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if you guys say that solobarics have weak points because its square shape, then wouldnt the xtant hexagonal sub be just as bad?

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hardly.. look at the actual shape of the cones.. the solos stress 10 fold because of the stupid center piece that sticks out..

xtants can just handle ;P it.

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Or how about the Bazooka Triangle subs. I thought about doing this just to mess around take a square sub a round sub and a triangle sub and put them all in 1 box and say look PS2 haha. Or Electronic Arts.

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If only there was a X shaped sub......

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Dam mike, you know someones gonna try it now!!! Is that what you want to use your motor design on?? lol.

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sony petagon shaped subs, xtant, bazooka with the triangle ones, kicker's square subs and all of their clones..
all of them have stress points you eliminate using a round cone.

it's all to be "different" and attract people who, for some reason, care what a speaker LOOKS like, even though they really should be more worried about how it actually performs.

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i agree with glass all the way on this one, at my school i think people would pay more for a "cooler" looking sub that sucks a@@ rather going for somthing better and cheaper


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lol i wouldnt care if a sub looked like garbage and sounded good id get it...it just sucks trhat sum subs look really cool but sound so bad
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