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Username: Gumby34

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Ok im a new guy to the car audio world and was wondering what could i get for 350$ everything included(box,amp,sub,whatever else needed).
I dont need the best bumping system in the world... i just want something that will be noticed... thanks

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Username: 54danny54

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dude that impossible 2 get a good system even not pounding...that like walmart grade...Bump it up 2 500 bux and i can build u a good system

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well il sell u a 10 inch Mtx road thundfer+ box for 50 and then i can build from there...hows that?
It bumps kinda good

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audiobahn 8000t for $130to $150 2 12" audiobahn 400rms each sub with box for $120 and that leaves you with around 60 80 bucks for amp kit.all this off ebay this is the only stuff ican think off $350 that is insaly low of a budget. but this will be heard but wont sound good.and if you need a head unit that is imposible save up some more money and youll find sumthin much better

acually, u can get something for around 350.
my bro got a 12" type-R, an amp, and a box, and wiring for about 350-380.
everything was bought online of course.

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Username: Taylor17

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You can get a few different systems. The alpine type R is a good idea.
You could also go with 2 CVR's with the audiobahn A8000T.

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It can be done but will be hard. EBAY would be a good place to start. If you want new? try . they're stuffs good and they ship fast. You could do a DaytonAudio speaker system
with a three chanel amp and a an ok HU 4 around $350.
I've heard the DaytonAudio Quatro woofers and they rock for around $50.~$80. You'll need to do the install yourself!

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