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O.k. This is what I need one true 1000 w amp And, a amp to run the highs. The highs are two 4x6's in the dash, two 6x9's in the rear two 5.25 in the doors, the 5.25's are a componet set with 1' tweeters there on the seat belt pillars I do preffer sq but I also want to impress my freinds with extreme vibration if you know what I mean.There already impressed with the 383 stroker I built for this little s-10 blazer. This is what I can get at cost alpine, pioneer,eclipse,planet don't think I am going with there stuff just heard a new install loud but very muddy. polk/momo.If none of these are descent I am willing to go some where else also It may sound weird but I listen to metal and rap. Any suggestions? Also I want two twelves.Thanks


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Cool, First off, I just purchased a 383 Stroker form my Shortwide 2000 GMC. I plan on bypassing all the stock wiring, and replacing the transmission, which will then not cut me off at 100 mph. Anyway, as for the Truck audio system I think you can go two ways on the 12's. First you could go with the either the Adire Shivas, around $120.00, or the higher end brahmas (excellent if within budget), or you can go with some kicker solo squares. Now, basically the Adire's will sound better, but the squares will sound good and provide more surface area, higher SPL, to a comparable 12". Look on the check prices tab on this site to see if any good deals are available. However, since you listen to both rock and rap, I think that if you listen to rock more you should go with the Adire's, and conversely, if you listen to rap more you should go with the squares (extreme vibration). Now to power the subs, if you really want to pound those subs I would go with a high current monoblock. As you stated that you wanted a true 1000 wrms amp, the only line in your list that might come close is the Alpine. However, I would try a different amp line altogether. Everybody has their favorites, but any of the top lines should work. If you go with the kickers it would look nice to have a kicker monoblock, or any amp line, and any amp for the Adires. Several choices pop to mind- Kicker, JL, JBL, Autotek, ETC. You also have to consider how you want to wire the 12's, and what ohm load to present to the amp. Lets say the high current amp you choose can put out tremendous power at one ohm, it would be unwise then to run a two ohm load to it and not reap the benefits. That is why I currently am using an Autotek X-Class 1500.1 Mean Machine to run my four 15's. This amp puts out a true 1500 at 0ne ohm, and they have also have a 3000.1, too much for two twelves. They also offer a Stealth X-Class 1600.1 that really get down also. Like I said, look at all the high end level amps, and find the best deal. Remember, this is where you want to buy a good product, if your subs or amp goes, your screwed, this way you will have quality products that should perform well for many years. Next, as for your highs, I would purchase a small two channel amp to power your components, as they will definetly outperform those 5x7's and 6x9's. If you can, purchase this amp to match your other amp, and send a good 50-75 wrms to the components. Next, I would run the 5x7's and 6x9's off the head unit with passive crossover's installed, or bass blockers at the least, to add only fill, as the components will handle the soundstaging in the front, and you do not want the 5x7's or 6x9's overpowering the component set. That should get you started, look on this site for prices, check the crutchfield site, scratch and dent, for closeouts, and maybe other sites to come up with a plan.

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T bone as far as your truck goes you should'nt have to replace your transmission It is a 4l60e wich is a 700r4 but electric. A good transmission shop should be able to wire it internally with a kit from summit. But if your afraid the 383 is going to blow it up then replace it with a 700r4 make shure it is 90 degree bolt pattern this is all assuming you have a 350 in there now. As for kicker I don't like it I've blown alot of there subs up in the past over powering them.There is no adire dealer around here so I can't here them so I would be going on my instincts . These are the following setups so far: one jl 1000/1 and two 12w7's or diamond 12's and the 5 series 1000wrms amp. and, mmats 1000sq series amp with two procast 12's. I would like to stay away from jl cause my brother has it and would like to dust him, brotherly love great is'nt it? any other set ups you suggest would be great. I used to rock orion back in the day so keep this in mind sad to here there not doing as well. That was my first choice when I was looking for the new system.This sucks because I was orion for life. So now I'm lost because stuff changes. I would like a very, very, very,efficient amp not some power hungry beast that only uses 50%. By the way this is a website you may be interested in s10v8.com [same concept as your truck] there is a $2.00 fee to get a account, [well worth it I must have saved a grand so far with there advice]. Talk to zz4blazer this guy is a trans guru he's got a six speed in a s-10 blazer sick, sick, sick, He can tell you everything you will need so, install is fast and easy. Hope you like the video's on the site.Thanks for the help by the way, much appreciated.
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