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So today i was driving and i just adjusted my HPF/LPF and about 30 min later my amp turned off. I felt the amp to see how hot it was and it burned me. So i started the car up again and it was working, How can i prevent my amp from overheating in the future?

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You might have a problem with air flow and heat dispursement. The main problem is probably heat disbursement. Is your amp mounted on your car's interior carpeting? If so, try mounting an aluminum plate under the amp. The metal plate will dispurse the heat from the amp better. Also make sure air can get to the cooling fan intake on the amplifier. This should stop it from overheating. If it does not, you may have a problem with the amp. *note: if you do mount a metal plate under the amp and you decide to paint it to match your car's interior, make sure you use a high-temp. paint.

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Which amp? What subs? and how do you have them wired?

If there's nothing wrong with the amp, setting the gains wrong can cause it to overheat, but from what I've seen on this forum overheating usually occurs because the subs are wired in such a way that the impedance is lower than what the amp was designed to drive.


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I own a 99 Civic 3dr hatch with two fan cooled amps and a custom box with two 12's in the boot. It is a completely sealed boot unless you the have the back seats down so it becomes an oven. There is no room for heat dispursement as I also have a custom parcel tray with a pair of 7x10's. I pushed my system to see how hot it would get and the amp powering the subs had hit a peak of 83 degress celsius which I think in farenheit is 181. So to counter this problem I fed cool air into the remainder of the boot space to keep the temperature down. To do this I bought some conduit tubing about 1.5 inches in diameter and connected it to the feet air vents and blocked off the other side so all air would travel into the tube. You can select to divert the air just to the feet thus creating more air flow. I ran the tube down the center console then under the back seat, under the box and then it's mounted in between the two amps. There is a T piece inserted into the end of the tube so air is distributed to both amps. Under extreme operating conditions I hit the A/C and the sub amp hits a max temp of 61 degrees C/141 Farenheit.

One option to consider.

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Check impendence of subs, also chek for shorts. If neither of those your amp is just plain %$#ked. So chesk it and if its #@cked get a new amp. Or get it fiexed. That simple. Oh also check to make sure theres enough airflow around the amp.

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I had a Cherokee with a Class A amp under the rear seat and did the same thing(vented the a/c under there). To be honest I really didn't notice a difference. You could just about fry an egg on that Soundstream no matter what you did.


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