Humming noise from speakers


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My amp is giving me a lot of humming noise when i connect my speakers to it. I can't fix it, i dont know what the hell is wrong with it. I went to futureshop they tell me that my amp is at fault when this is my second amp i bought, i had the same problem with the first one but that one was second hand, so i thought maybe it is the amp, then i bought a brand new amp but still i get the same problem. All my wiring is done correctly, my RCAs are away from the power wires, its really frustrating. When i first hooked it up, the noise wasnt there, after couple hours when tried it on again, it came back. Could anyone tell me what the problem is? Do i need another amplifier?

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Try your ground wire... did you sand your frame so it could get a good connection.. dont kill it just rough it up a lil bit, and make sure its tight or it will humm, oh and it could be your alternator.. some way some how.. hey do your lights flicker while your car is running and your head lights and air are on... cuz my truck did that and it was my alternator fudgin things up. hope i helped, but check that alternator before getting a new amp i have only had one faulty fosgate hum for no reason.

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i dont know, it could be the alternator. But how do i check if its that or not? And yes i did sand the surface where i grounded my wires. The noise goes up when i accelerate, is this the altnerater whine? Do i have to get a new altnernator?


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When I install a system I always run my own wires. All except for the ignition power wire. That means the backup power must go to the battery directly.

Don't just hook into the wiring harness. Your vehicle may have a shared power wire with other sources i.e; lights, cigarette lighter, wipers, etc.

Check into a noise supressor. That's what I used to do when I had engine noise.

Last but not least. You mentioned that you fastened your ground wire to bare metal. Make sure it is tight. Ground wires should be 18" or less in length.

That spinning/whistling noise you hear when you start the motor is caused by the distributor, not the alternator. It usually speeds up with engine RPM.
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