Memphis Amp, Protection Mode, PLS ADVISE


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I just drove from SF to LA with my radio on and everything was fine.

This morning I go to listen to the radio and hear a thump, thump...thump, thump...thump, thump (sound of speaker going in and out) by the driver's side rear speaker. The noise happens even when the radio is off. No sound coming from any of the other three speakers.

I check the amplifier (16-MC3004) and the red protection light is on. It actually goes red/green/red/green in rythym with the thumping of the one speaker.

I remove the speaker wires leading to the culprit speaker and the sound goes away but the protection light is STILL ON (stays red).

I remove all the speaker wires and RCA cables and the protection light is still there.

Are these symptoms indicative of blown speaker outputs? Everything was working fine yesterday. What happened between yesterday and today?

Is there anything else I need to check and/or is there an easy fix?

This Memphis amp has a yellow light as well to indicate a blown fuse, so without having looked myself, I assume the fuses are fine.

The 16-MC3004 powers a set of Focal 165KP and 165 CV speakers. Ground wire for the amp looks good. Confusing since it was working for the 5+ hour drive down to LA.

I'll be heading into the audio shop when I go back home. I just don't want it to be something simple that I could've fixed.

Please help... Because w/o music, it's a really long 5 hour drive :-)


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note to add:

as of now I've removed the inline fuse leading to the amp to keep it turned off until this problem gets fixed.

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UPDATE if anyone cares...

bad amp (no specific details)...being sent back under warranty to Memphis
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