Finally got my system in


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Head unit finally came today and I'm BANGIN!

'96 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Alpine 9830
Infinity Kappa's in front powered by Kicker 200.2
2 12" Cerwin Vega V-Maxes in a ported box powered by a Kicker 600.1

I love this system right now! It's hurting the hell out of my ears and goes as loud as I want it too, probably even more, haven't tried yet.

I only have one problem right now, I can't hear the higher frequencies being sent to my subs right now. I tried turning speakers down and subs up, but the lower frequencies just hit so damn hard compared to the higher ones. I can hear the higher frequencies coming from the subs in the back seat, but they are pretty much non-existant when sitting in the front. I don't know what the crossovers are set at, or what my box is tuned to (if they built it to the specs that come with subs, it's 33).

Is this just how ported boxes are? I seriously can't hear important bass parts that are a little high, is it possible to set the crossover a little lower and it would be better?

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how do you like those V-maxs? ive been looking into those subs for some time...cerwin vega's always made good quality stuff

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Well it's my first system and I can't say I've heard many, but they pound. Everyone at the car audio place was seriously VERY impressed.

I'm hoping the crossover is just set really high because I absolutely cannot hear some of the higher bass notes when I'm up front. Hopefully it just needs to be lowered and I can get them sent to the speakers because they are AMAZING! I'm going back to the shop tomorrow to see, I'm hoping it isn't the box or subs. Anyone know if that's just how ported boxes are? If I can just get it so I can hear some of these higher bass notes without them being drowned out by the lower ones, my system will be a dream come true.
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