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I was thinking about mounting 3 10 inch subwoofers inverted in the back of a firebird. Will the invert mounting sacrifice sound quality?

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are you mental? subs are not intended to do that. And it will look ugly. Stop thinking.

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any specific reasons? I have seen several setups like this and they are by no means ugly.

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same, hello is retarded to think that. do NOT listen to him. i have seen many pro installs that invert the subs for show and they sound great plus looks good too!

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yea point the woffers A$$hole in the air. Wires showing? lookin good. They sound good??? compared to WHAT? Chewbacca?

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Tweeter has some VERY nice installs with inverted woofers. check them out in their latest mag or at

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haha hello is a$$... and they sound almost the same inverted. And when tested you only lose like 1/10 of db. Adn you can run the wires in and out of the basket to hide them. If your basket looks good. And you like it go ahead and do it.

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most of the installs i have seen have had like 3 subs and like 2 facing normal and the middle one inverted...or vice versa where 2 are inverted and 1 and is normal...think about that too instead of doing them all iverted.

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inverting subs won't affect sound quality or output.
the sub moves equally in both directions anyway so it'll sound the same facing either direction as long as polarity is correct.
remember when building the enclosure though, not to compensate for driver displacement since the mass of the driver will be outside the box.

the only real problem with inverting subs is that you're exposing the magnets, and wiring which means the subs are more susceptible to damage, and they'll take up more room in the vehicle.
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