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I have 12" RE MT dual 1 ohm running off a JBL BPx2200.1 amp. When I first hooked it up, it sounded like crap, so I checked all the wires on the amp, on the box, and on the driver itself inside the box for proper polarity. Everything was 100% correct. After this, the MT still sounded like crap, no SPL, NOTHING! Then I did sumthen crazy and switched the wires on the box for reversed polarity. Now the MT hits extremely hard and sounds half decent....Is this safe??

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It depends, if the sub is inverted than you have to reverse polarity. If the sub is mounted normal, than I don't think it would pound with reversed polarity, because it would be sucking air in the box, that is if it's ported, and if it's sealed, then I'd think it would sound like crap and potentially break something. If it sounds good, then I'm guessing it's fine.

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those subs need at least a 1200.1 each.

I just got back from being out testing it and to my surprise it sounds wayyyy better than it ever did. With this reversed polarity, it even hits harder and cleaner....I wanna leave it the way it is now, but I do not want to risk potentially damaging anything. Should I leave it this way? If not, any suggestions to what else I can do? Much respect to all who have helped.

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You won't hurt a thing by reversing polarity. If it sounds better and hits harder, then leave it that way.

Thanx bro.......Nuthin but the best from the experts.
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