145dB w/ 1200wrms....how could i do this?


i have a bp1200.1 amp and i need to know that sub(s) i should get in order to hit 145dB+.

could i do 145-150db w/ 1200wrms? my trucks resonance frequency is somewhere between 47-51hz. i can fit up to a 12cu ft box where my back seat is. cabin gain is ~11.5dB at resonant frequency.

what subs should i get? i want it to be as loud as possible...SPL only!!!
(i dont care about SQ, i have a pair of 12's that have good SQ now, i only want high SPL)

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3 15 vega vmax's or 3 15 kicker comp vr's or 1 xx.x will get you close

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If u wan't some serious subs, check out the re mt's. But be warned, not some daily driver materials. Those are some serious subs.U can buy 1 12" and feed it 1000 wrms, you shoud be able to hit your goal.

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my brahma 15" could easily do around 148-150 with about 1200 watts

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yeh but witrh 1200watt rms you'll void your warranty

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friend had 1200.1 jbl with 4 rf 12" subs.. he hit 152.. whats the prob? ur lookin for 145! psh hit higher then that with 1200 watts btw it was a big ported box in the back of a blazer

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i did 141 with 400watts with 2 10s
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