Help with my sub box!!! How to seal?


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I have two 12"s in a closed box but its nowhere near being air tight, how can I fill in the gaps to make it air tight?

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Silicone caulk is supposed to seal it. I dont really know exactly how to install it, but I would really like to know seeing how I am building a box tomorrow. Anybody that knows how please fill me in.

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Just take the silicone and run a bead of it at every seam. You can use your finger to smooth it out and ensure that it has penetrated into the cracks. If you are building a box from scratch, I recommend putting a small bead on the joining edges before you screw them together. This adds strength to the joint.

liquid nail is also a good for running the bead, another idea to insure its sealed air tight is to buy a can or two of spray in truck bedliner and spray that inside the box. Its not much and always makes me feel more comfortable when building the box

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eh...caulk does the job

or you can use uber amounts of glue when building the box...thats normally what i do because its too hard to go in the port and caulk it up while in the building process

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SO what is the order when building a box? clamp wood together, then glue, then screw in screws? Thanks.

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I say Glue, Clamp,pre-drill holes, then put the screws in. After that i take some silicone and line all the cracks from the inside, If its a tight squeeze just use your finger.

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pre drill holes, glue - ALOT, screw it all up - dry- silicone seal it.
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