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I'm finishing up my system. Right now I have a US Acoustics 4065 amp (65w x 4ch @ 4Ohm) powering 2 kappa components and 2 kappa 6x9's. I am in the process of buying a sub and amp combo, and then i want to upgrade my speaker amp. I have a few questions.

Will a JL 300/4 be the best long-run choice to power my interior speakers? Will i notice a large improvement in SQ over my old amp?

I know the sub amp i'm getting will be either the JBL BP 300.1 or 600.1. Would 2 10 inch kappa perfect subs in a sealed box be better than one 12?

I listen mostly to rock, punk and alternative music. But sometimes i like some rap so i want a setup that can move a little bit of air.

Thanks for the help.

Or how about a Kicker KX 800.4?

100w x 4ch @ 4Ohm? I saw it for $260 at

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a: sure. JL 300/4 or 450/4

b: tens and twelves will yield a different sound.
tens will be punchier and more snappy, but they'll lack the low extension for really deep bass, and they'll lack resonance.
Twelves will give a deeper "feel it" sort of bass.

c:the Kicker 800.4 is a great amplifier, too.
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