15'' hx2 excursion


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my hx2 seems to have more excursion than the specs say it has. i'm givin it its exact rms rating. theres no distortion at all.
do you think a problem will develope later on?
do they measure excursion from the cone to how far it extends or what?

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You see, the ratings they give is only numbers. As long as your amp is plugged right, and you gain is 1/3, there shoudn't be any problem

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Ya I have 2 10 hx2's and they seem to go a lot farther than they shood and I am underpowering them by 100 watts. When I turn them way up they make a taping sound like they are going to far. They are only around a month old. What is the xmax on my 10's and why are the taping?

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the voice coils are hitting the bottom(bump) plate, i bet you have a sealed box. try a subsonic filter, those 30hz notes and lower can be killers. or just turn it down and pay attention to songs with really low bass

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Ya lol I have a sealed box and what is a subsonic filter and what does it do, and where can I get one and what is the best cheep one. When the voice coils are hiting isn't that bad on the subs? Thanks for the help!
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