I demo'd a NAD T761 the other day WOW!!


That receiver has such a beautiful full dynamic sound. If course the source was a heavily mod'd Pioneer Elite costing $3000+ but still the receiver's fan never even kicked in and handled the 6ohm speakers with ease.

Now the dilema. How much should I pay for it. The guy is asking $1000 but thats a little too steep.

I saw a refurbished T761 available from an NAD dealer the other day for $499, so I would tend to go that direction rather than pay full retail for a 761 (MSRP was $999.00). Heck, I could get a new T762 for $1K! Just my opinion, mind you.

I hope this helps.

Yeah, I saw that too. Buying refurbished is a gamble. You never know what hidden problems the receiver has and if it will shorten the life of the electronics. All I need is to buy one and 1 year and 1 day later have a serious problem creep up and bite me. If They would extend the warranty to 2 yrs. for an extra $50, I'd gladly pay, but I didn't see that type of deal.

I have a refurb receiver. And a refurb telephone, refurb fax machine, refurb printer for my computer, etc. I have had great luck with refurbs, so I recommend them as a good way to save some serious cash.

BTW, according to industry stats, refurbs have a lower rate of faults than does the new stuff. As for the private warranty, I know I can't even get out of Best Buy or Sears without saying NO to an offer for an extended warranty. They make good money off of those warranties, so you may just call and ask about it. I got one when I bought my Denon refurb receiver.
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