Advice on a Receiver to be matched with DefTech BP7000SC Speakers


I recently purchased a pair of Definitive Technology BP7000SC Speakers and a C/L/R 3000 Center channel. I am looking to purchase a receiver to be matched with them for around $1000. There are far to many receivers for me to listen to. Please give me a little advice on how to narrow my search. I was thinking allong the lines of a Marantz, Denon, Pioneer Elite, and NAD. Which of those would you suggest if any?

Depends on your dvd player. Also on your remote and features preference.

Since The Def Techs have self-powered woofers, they should be easy to drive.

If you buy a Pioneer Elite i-link universal dvd player, nuying a PE 55TXi makes sense. If you buy another dvd player a NAD, Marantz, Denon, or a non i-lionk PE like the 53TX would be fine.

But as you have expensive speakers I would likely buy more expensive separates or receivers. But if you have a current budget constraint--than the $1100 to $700 receivers should be alright--as long as your room isn't very large.

Where did you buy the BP7000SC speakers? I was told to stay away from Downtown Audio, based out of Reierstown, MD

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