Which Receiver to Buy


If anyone has some comparative knowledge, could you give your opinion as to which is the better buy: Denon AVR 3801 or Yamaha RXV1000

Well Im not that familiar with Denon but Yamaha usually makes really good sounding stuff. Yamaha's really into sound or they used to be.

Get what you want. But get the one with the most things for the price you can afford. I personally went with Sony but thats my choice. I have a STR-DE925 it is a couple of years old and it has everything anybody really needs. You don't really need the 6.1 or 7.1 or even 8.1 surround sound. These companies are trying to hard. 5.1 is all you will ever need.

Go with the denon! Denon audio recivers kill the rest of the competition. The only other companies that come close are Integra, B&K, and Pioneer Elite.

I have owned all that I listed including a yamaha(just Dolby 5.1 no dts, and its ok. Average)

My theater consits of(at the end you can take my word, I know home theater! I wouldn't steer you wrong!

Denon 5800 THX Ultra, 7.1, DTS ES, THX EX
2 M&K S150 THX Ultra Fronts
1 M&K SC150 THX Ultra Center
4 M&K SS-150 THX Ultra Surrounds
1 M&K MX-350 THX ULTRA SUB(M&K is the grand daddy of subs!)

Draper 108" screen
Sony VCR
Sony MD
Sony 5 disc CD Changer
Denon 5000 HDCD mega changer
Lutron Lighting
Aucoustical Innovations

I urge you to listen to your heart and not what the salesmen says, because their full of crap!


Go Denon. But if you only want to use five speakers (plus a subwoofer), why pay more for Denon?

Go with denon it has better features and sound, and check onkyo too

Denon has better all around, even sound quality. Yamaha is too bright and in your face. It does not play music well....lacks resonance and high notes are shrill. Yamaha is a receiver designed for the masses....in other words, average everything. Denon is a step up in quality and sound.

mark bothe
Both of them suck!

I would suggest if you are dead set on getting one of those two to get the Denon. The Denon has a larger power supply which results in more wattage, a clean signal and better sound. Yamaha's are excellent for Home Theatre, but absolute GARBAGE for music, they lack the dynamics and crap out when when you need a good bottom in demanding music. If you are NOT dead set, I would suggest at looking at something better than Denon, im not a fan of Denon sorry to say :) Look into Rotel RSX 972, and HarmanKardon(AVR520), they both have HUGE power supplies, specially the Rotel, and put out clean huge amounts of power - 75X5 may not sound like much but I guarantee both of these will crush anything like a 130X5 JVC or something lol Anyways :) Good luck with your choice

Well, I purchased a Yam as against the Denon - sounded much better - all this crap about brightness of Yamaha etc. is all utter bull****.
Go to any AV shop and do a straight comparison and you'll see that the Yams outshine the Denons by yards.

First of all, get the RX-V1200 if you go the Yamaha route... no need to get an outdated receiver with respect to surround formats.

Other than that, you might want to check out Audoholics for their recent Receiver Hotpicks article that they did, plus they have reviewed the Denon 4802 and the Yamaha RX-V1.
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