Marantz SR-5300


What do you think of the Marantz 5300 compared to the Onkyo 601. Thanks.

Sorry for my impatience, but after looking for a while, I 'm down to two: Onkyo 601 and Marantz 5300. Marantz only entered the equation because I can get it for $420, but only for a VERY limited time. Any thoughts?


I have the Marantz sr5300 and have tried the Onkyo 501. I preferred the sound of the Marantz over the Onkyo. If you are looking at Circuit City for the Onkyo, you can buy it and you have 30 days or so to try it out and return it. You could also try out the HKs from CC as well. While you are trying it, listen to the Marantz (if you can) through a similar speaker system. It is my experience that the Onkyo is nice but that the Marantz puts the emphasis on the sound. The rest is up to you. $420 is a great price for the Marantz btw.

I second the vote for the marantz. A greater leap in sound over the 601, IMO.
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