Please help Marantz SR4300 or yamaha RXV440


Marantz SR4300 or Yamaha RXV440
Which of the 2 ?

You need to give us more information. What type of speakers do you have or plan to get, what are your listening habits, and how big your room is would really help.

Anon is right. Your desision should be based on your speakers. If your speakers are laid back go with Yamaha or a simalar sounding receiver or if you have brighter speakers go with the Marantz(or simalar sounding receiver). If you dont know I am talking about, it is called "Sound Colouring". It is NOT a bad thing, per se, but it can be with the wrong speakers.

Anonymous + G.DawG:

I think gulash started a new topic once he realised that this one had already been discussed. Try 'Yamaha Digital Top Art -'.

hi everyone
the yamaha rxv440 and the wharfedale diamond 8.1 is the best ever combination one can have for a home theatre setup today i have tried this and its fab

I would have to disagree with you shanton, the NAD t762 with NHT EVOS puts your settup to shame.

Personally, I like the build quality of the Marantz over the Yamaha. I have not done a side by side listen.

I have both of these receivers in my house for a trial period, the yammy is defenitly under powered compared to the Marantz. From what Iv'e read about Yammys being underpowered according to there specs seems to be true.
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